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Debs Wilkinson


BSc (Hons), PGCE, Ma (Ed), PCert in Teaching and learning in Higher Education, EdD

Deborah is currently a senior lecturer in primary science education at the University of Chichester.

She teaches Core Science to undergraduate students on the BA (Hons) Primary Education and Teaching degree as well as to students on the PGCE Schools Direct, Education and Foundation courses. As well as teaching science, Deborah also teaches Outdoor Learning and science specialist modules.

She has previously worked as a Primary School Teacher and was a Leader of Learning for a period of time.

She is keen on how the outdoor learning environment is used as a teaching and learning tool and has an OCN (Level 3) qualification in Beach Schools. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is Programme Coordinator of the Primary PGCE course.


Deborah has designed and delivered a range of undergraduate courses in Science, Leading Science and Research Methodology.

She is currently Module Leader for a number of courses including Year 1, 3 and PGCE Core Science, Outdoor Learning and Leading Science. She has delivered a number of Professional Development Meetings in a school on assessment in science and Enquiry Based Learning approaches.

She has also run science conferences.


Deborah completed an EdD at Southampton University.

The research was a collaborative action research project aimed at investigating how questions were used in primary science lessons.

She has written a number of chapters for teachers on planning and the importance of enquiry.

Research and scholarly output:

  • Wilkinson, D. (2022) Nurturing Primary Science. Kingsham Press.
  • Wilkinson, D. (2022) Why do teachers need to have high levels of Professional behaviour? in Stone, G. Professionalism in Primary Teaching; Sage Learning Matters.
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  • Wilkinson, D. and Stallard, W. (2021) Creative Curriculum Approaches in Sharp, J., Peacock, G., Johnsey, R., Simon, S., Smith, Pr. Cross, A., and Harris, H.  Primary Science: Teaching Theory and Practice (9th Edition). Sage Learning Matters
  • Wilkinson, D. and Stallard, W. (2020) Mastery in Primary Science. Sage Learning Matters.
  • Wilkinson, D. and Stone, G. (2019) Getting to grips with grammar alongside some super science. Primary Science, Number, pp12-15
  • Wilkinson, D. and Earle, L. (2019) Planning in Carden, C. Primary Teaching; Learning and teaching in the primary school today. Sage Publications.
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  • Wilkinson, D. and Kinoulty, M. (2019) Two for the price of one. ASE International, Number 5, pp9-12.
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  • Wilkinson, D. (2018) Planning Geography in the National Curriculum in Sewell, K. Planning the Primary National Curriculum. Sage Learning Matters
  • Wilkinson, D and Green H (2017) Science in Caldwel, H. and Cullingford-Agnew, S. Technology for SEND in primary schools. A guide for best practice. Sage Learning Matters
  • Wilkinson, D and Stallard, W. (2017) Materials – what’s the matter? Primary Science, Number 150, pp5-7


  • May 2014 – Presented at a Research Showcase – the use of questions in primary science.
  • May 2015- presented at NQT conference
  • May 2016 – presented at NQT conference
  • March 2017 – Key note and workshop at Sussex primary Science leaders conference
  • July 2017 – Primary science conference at University of Chichester (delivered an assessment workshop)
  • July 2017 – Primary science conference at University of Chichester (delivered an enquiry workshop)
  • July 2018 – Primary science conference at University of Chichester (delivered a science and history workshop)
  • October 2018 – Science Team meet (delivered input on science linked to grammar)
  • February 2019 – Keynote and workshop at Sussex primary science leaders conference (delivered links between maths and science and planning for progression when teaching biology)
  • March 2019 – Science conference at the Mary Rose ‘2 for the Price of 1’

Consultancy and Outreach

  • 2016 – Parklands Primary school – science day
  • 2017 – Parklands Primary school – science day
  • 2017 – Flying Bull Academy – science morning
  • 2017 – Worthing College – STEM festival – delivered a workshop linked to questioning and enquiry
  • 2017 – Supporting the University outreach team with work on STEM (included writing resources)
  • 2017 – Petworth Primary school – raising achievement in primary science
  • 2018 – Supported the outreach team in writing a bid for Growing STEM as part of the Science Learning Network and supported the writing of subsequent workshops (bid was successful – awarded £6,500)
  • 2018 – Consultancy at Court Lane Infant school (primary science leadership)
  • 2018 – Consultancy at Court Lane Junior school (primary science leadership)
  • 2019 – In partnership with Sussex Science Learning (STEM) ran a
  • Science Teach meet at Eastergate school (I delivered input on links between science and maths)
  • 2019 – delivered the second Teach Meet at Eastergate School (delivered input on progression)
  • 2019 – INSET for Chichester Academy Trust schools (science capital)
  • 2020 – Consultancy at Gomer School (curriculum development)
  • 2021 – Parklands Primary School – science day

Public Engagement

  • 2017 – Supported and ran a workshop at an outreach event – Space Festival alongside the outreach team to raise the profile of STEM in the community
  • 2018 – Supported the Outreach team in putting together resources for Penny STEM (community outreach day)
  • 2018 – Community Science Fest – ran a workshop and supported with planning of the day.

Externally Awarded Funding

  • 2018 – Growing STEM
  • 2021 – Science and RE research project in conjunction with Canterbury University

Research Output


Stone, G. and Wilkinson, D. (2019) Getting to grips with grammar alongside some super science! Primary Science (157). pp. 10-12. ISSN 0269-2465


Wilkinson, D. and Stallard, W. (2019) Mastery in Primary Science. Exploring the Primary Curriculum . Learning Matters: SAGE Publications, London. ISBN 9781526472700


Wilkinson, D. (2016) The use of questions in primary science: a collaborative action research study. Doctoral theses, University of Southampton.

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