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Dr Bruno De Oliveira

Lecturer in Psychology

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Bruno’s research career is focused on participatory and creative methods, such as    photo-elicitation, at the boundaries of community and social psychology. His research has led him to contribute to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Poverty in the UK.

Bruno researches institutional practices and lived-in experiences in the context of marginalisation regarding social economics of mental distress, particularly homeless and welfare claimants. He takes a critical realist approach and uses mixed methodologies, especially creative and visual methods. He is particularly interested in developing interdisciplinary research. The critical community psychology approach informs his work.


FRSA, FHEA, Certificate of achievement from Department for Education from research with vulnerable people and Highly Commended Research Paper by Emerald Literati Awards.

Key Publications and Nominations

  • De Oliveira, B. (Forthcoming) Participatory Action Research as a research approach: Advantages, limitations and criticisms, Qualitative Research.
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  • De Oliveira, B. (2020a) We must act to decolonise Psychology in Standing Against Racism. The Psychologist, Vol.33 (pp.2-5).
  • Coêlho, V. M. D. S., Santos, W. J. D., Santos, G. B., Ceballos, A. G. D. C. D., & de Oliveira, B. (2019). Common mental disorders and risk behaviours in motorcyclists’ victims of traffic-accidents. Revista Portuguesa de Enfermagem de Saúde Mental, (22), 27-34
  • De Oliveira, B. (2018) On the news today: challenging homelessness through participatory action research, HOUSING, CARE AND SUPPORT, Vol. 21(1) pp. 13-25.
  • De Oliveira, B. (2017) Enclosures, beneficence and fluid spaces – the practice of informal mental distress work: In conversation with Dr Carl Walker. Psychology of Women Section Review, Vol. 19(1), Spring
  • De Oliveira, B. (2016) Brazil’s Democracy & Return to the Senzala, Turning the Tide; Culver City Vol. 28, Iss.7, 3-6.
  • De Oliveira, B. (2019). What if art and research could be used as a form of community dialogue, as a space for people with lived experience of homelessness to empower themselves? A reflection on unframed lives at the Brighton Fringe, UK. The Community Psychologist, 52(3), 59–61.


Bruno’s research interests lie in social inequality and mental distress, participatory and critical research methods, critical community psychology, multi-stakeholder capacity-building action research in communities, homelessness and action research, structural suffering, and Race and Racism.

Research Output


Naderi, A., de Oliviera, E. P., Ziegenfuss, T. N. and Willems, M. E. T. (2016) Timing, optimal dose and intake duration of dietary supplements with evidence-based uses in sports nutrition. Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry, 20 (4). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2233-6842 10.20463/jenb.2016.0031

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