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Dr Francisco Melara Gutierrez

International Short Programme Unit Coordinator

Francisco Melara-Gutierrrez



Francisco is a Senior Lecturer who coordinates the International Provision in Education.


Francisco teaches on the International Programmes and the BA in Education, modules on Bilingual Education, Second Language Acquisition, Second Language Teaching and Learning Methods, Cross-Cultural Communication, Action Research, School Performance Data Analysis, and Comparative Education.

Academic Background, Research and Publications:

Francisco has an academic background in Languages, Educational Psychology, and Education Research.

Francisco has more than twenty years of experience in teaching across multiple levels in Education: Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Adult Education, along with undergraduate level and Professional Development for Teachers and Headteachers from multiple countries: Estonia, Poland, Italy, Germany, Romania, Turkey, France, the UK, Spain, China, Japan, and South Korea.

He is an active member of the SEJ-149 research group dedicated to educational assessment and teaching innovation.

His current research focuses primarily on Effective Teaching and Teacher Development in monolingual and bilingual environments.

Research interests:

  • Language, Behaviour and Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Specific Area: How relationships between educators and learners influence children’s emotional development, self-efficacy and motivation, and how these in turn may provide essential conditions for effective learning. (Monolingual and Bilingual/Multilingual Environments)
  • Research Methods in Education and Psychology
  • Educational Assessment
  • Development of Teaching Competences

Key Publications

(2018) Effective Teaching in the Sphere of Bilingual Education: Profile of Teaching Competences

In Nuevas perspectivas en educación bilingüe: investigación e innovación.

Granada: Editorial Universidad de Granada.

ISBN 978-84-338-0000-0


(2016) Sketching the figure of a bilingual teacher: designing a profile of competences

In Revista Española de Pedagogía (vol. 2614 p. 129-152)

Sociedad Española de Pedagogía, Madrid. ISSN: 0034-9461

(2015) Teacher training within the framework of Andalusia’s language policies

In Digital Education Journal: “Andalucia Educativa” N.85


(2014) What expectations does the education community have of school counselling departments?

In Book: TEEM´14. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (p. 503-506) New York, ACM

ISBN: 978-1-4503-2896-8 Doi: 10.1145/2669711.2669946


(2013) Designing the profile of competences for primary school teachers specialising in CLIL teaching (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

In Book: XVI National/II International Congress on Models in Educational Research: Educational Research and Innovation in the service of global, plural, and diverse institutions and communities (p. 1336-1344) Alicante (Spain)

ISBN: 978-84-695-8363-0


(2011) Integrated practical credits for educational skills training

In Book: Experiences of shared work in the classroom. A proposal from the INVADIV research group (p. 64-72) Córdoba (Spain)


(2009) Developing an instrument to evaluate the competence of Mathematics through a streaming methodology

In E. Nieto Lopez and A.I. Callejas Albiñana (Coords.). Basic competences. Reflections and experiences (p.131-143) Ciudad Real (Spain)

ISBN: 978-84-692-3804-2

Research Output

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