Dr Glenn Stone

Head of BA (Hons) Primary Teaching

Glenn Stone


Dr Glenn Stone BA (Hons), MA (Ed), PGCTLHE, EdD, SFHEA  is Principal Lecturer within the Institute of Education, Social and Life Sciences with responsibility for primary Initial Teacher Education.


Before working at the university, Glenn taught within local schools along the coastal strip of West Sussex and across the Key Stage 2 age range. Since joining the University of Chichester, he has played a pivotal role in developing Initial Teacher Education, in particular the primary provision. He co-ordinates the BA (Hons) Primary Teaching programme, a successful three-year programme but also teaches across programmes within the institute.

Glenn holds a Doctorate in Education that explores how trainee teachers’ understand professionalism within a neo-liberal context.  Glenn has a special interest in the training of teachers and their perspectives on school accountability, performativity, professionalism and the impact of organisational cultures on shaping such perspectives.


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Other department members

Caroline Rickard
Associate Link Tutor
Carys Wreyford
Carys Wreyford
Senior Lecturer in Education, Special Needs and Disability (SEND) Studies
Debbie Hickman
Debbie Hickman
PGCE Secondary English Coordinator

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