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Jeremy Smith

PGCE Secondary Programme Coordinator

Jeremy Smith


Jeremy is the Coordinator of the PGCE secondary programme, and also of the PGCE secondary mathematics route.


Jeremy taught mathematics for ten years in both the state and independent sectors. He read Mathematics at Oxford, and has specialised in teaching A-level maths and further maths, and in supporting gifted and talented mathematics pupils in schools.  He was one of the first tutors to work on the pilot “Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses” in 2004, and continues to develop ways of supporting people who did not study mathematics at university, but who are currently, or who aspire to teach mathematics in secondary schools.  He is also working to strengthen the relationship between the university and local schools.


Jeremy has a keen interest in enriching the experience of pupils in school maths lessons, by developing the enthusiasm and motivation of mathematics teachers. In particular he is keen to promote historical and cultural awareness of the subject and to help teachers incorporate this into their teaching. As well as being a mathematician, Jeremy has worked as a professional singer and was a Lay Vicar in the Chichester Cathedral Choir for seventeen years.

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