Kish Bhatti-Sinclair

Professor of Social Policy and Social Work

KIsh Bhatti-Sinclair


Kish is known for her work on social work, race and racism and is particularly interested in ethnically sensitive research methodologies and theories, such as modern racism, which test discriminatory attitudes and behaviours.

Case data on children and young people from the USA has been used by Kish to undertake a quantitative analysis of needs.  Commissioned evaluation projects (such as early intervention within the UK’s Troubled Families initiative) has enabled her to make recommendations directly to child protection agencies.  This has led to a number of publications which have questioned professional ideologies and beliefs, responses to child abuse within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic families, cultural racism, anti-Muslim racism and Islamophobia.

Kish’s book projects include:

  • Anti-Racist Practice in Social Work (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) which offers an in-depth analysis of law, policy and social work attitudes and behaviours in relation to equality and discrimination.
  • Diversity, Difference and Dilemmas (OUP/McGraw Hill, 2017) examines, for example, the disproportionate attention paid to immigrants and terrorists in populist policy and media reporting.
  • Child Sexual Exploitation: race, ethnicity and culture (The Policy Press, 2018) is a study of the complex challenges facing professionals working with hard to reach young people endangered by perpetrator networks.



Bhatti-Sinclair, K. (2011), Anti-Racist Practice in Social Work, Palgrave/Macmillan.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. and Smethurst, C. (Eds.) (2017), Diversity, Difference and Professional Dilemmas: Developing Skills in Challenging Times, Open University Press/McGraw Hill.

Refereed Academic Journals

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. and Sutcliffe, C. (2012) What determines the out of home placement of children in the USA?,Children and Youth Services Review,. vol. 34, no. 9, September, pp. 1749-1755

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. and Sutcliffe, C. (2013) Challenges in identifying factors which determine the placement of children in care: an international review, Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, . vol.30, no. 4, August, pp. 345-363.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K., (1999) Evaluating Social Work and Medical Practice with Black and Ethnic Minority Groups Using the Medical Audit Model, British  Journal of Social Work, 29, 303-320.

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Bhatti-Sinclair, K. and Wheal, A., (1998) Analysis of the External Audit on Ethnically Sensitive Practice, Journal of Clinical Effectiveness, Vol. 3, No. 1.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. (1996), Race Equality and Information Technology in Europe in Computers in Human Services, Vol. 12(½), Haworth Press, New York, pp. 37-52.

Research Reports

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. (2016), The Independent Evaluation Report on the Five to Thrive Initiative: Pilot Phase, University of Chichester.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. and Sutcliffe, C. (October 2014), Report on the Analysis of Data on Black and Ethnic Minority Looked After Children in the Borough of Wandsworth, University of Chichester.

Edited Works

Bhatti-Sinclair, K., and Price, D., (2016) Evaluation of Serious Case Reviews and Anti-racist practice in Williams, C. and Graham, M. (Eds), Social Work in a diverse society: transformative practice with ethnic minority communities, The Policy Press,   pp. 217-228.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. (2015) Culturally appropriate interventions in Social Work, International Encyclopaedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Elsevier. pp. 516-522.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. and Bailey, C., (2010), Teaching and learning about ‘race’ and racism,  In Burgess, H. and Carpenter, J. (eds.) The outcomes of social work education: developing evaluation methods, SWAP Monograph.pp.53-62Bhatti-Sinclair, K., (2009) Consolidating values in post-qualifying practice. In Higham, P. (ed.),Post-qualifying social work practice, Sage. pp. 22-33.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K., (2009) Practice education and enabling others. In Ruch, G. (ed), (2009), Post-qualifying child care social work – developing reflective practice, Sage.

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Bhatti-Sinclair, K. (1996) Race Equality and Information Technology in Europe. In Human Services in the Information Age, Rafferty, J. Steyaert, J., Colombi, D. (Eds.), (1996), The Haworth Press, Inc., New York, pp 37-52.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K. (1994) Asian Women and Violence from Male Partners. In Working with Violence, Lupton, C. and Gillispie, T. (Eds), Basingstoke, BASW/Macmillan, pp 75-95.

Bhatti-Sinclair, K.  (1994) Partnership with black and minority ethnic communities – services for children under eight. In  Partnership in Practice, Buchanan, A. (Ed). Aldershot, Avebury, pp 49-59.

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Current research projects:

Child care in Pakistan, an empirical project funded by the School Research Development Fund (2011), University of Southampton.

An examination of the socio-political factors which contribute to inter-generational family violence in Pakistani communities in Pakistan and the UK with colleagues from Dundee and Bradford Universities and in collaboration with Sargodha and Bahawalpur universities.  An international network of UK and Pakistani universities which aims are to develop knowledge on Pakistani social welfare processes, data-collection, analysis and theory building and to understand the socio-economic, religious and cultural factors which influence inter-generational family systems.

Factors which determine the placement of children in care with Professor Charles Sutcliffe, University of Reading.  Analysis of survey data: USA National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCANDS) hosted by Cornell University.

Optimal or actual placement decisions? With Professor Charles Sutcliffe.  Analysis of survey data: USA National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCANDS) hosted by Cornell University.

The Experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Children in State Care with Dr Cathy Murray, University of Southampton. The study examines the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) children and young people aged 8 and over looked after by the state. The research aimed to elicit experiences of care and explore to what extent (if at all) BME children consider their minority ethnic status to be an important component of this.

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