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Michael Semple

Associate Lecturer in Theology


Michael studied mathematics at King’s and Birkbeck Colleges in London graduating with a doctorate in Applied Mathematics. He became a Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Sussex and moved on to be Head of Mathematics and Computing and Dean of Engineering and Science at the University of Westminster. During this time, he was a consultant to the Technical University of Baghdad and the Technical Institutes of Iraq, and also was seconded for a year to the Ivory Coast to help set up a bilingual Technical University for West Africa. He then took up the post of Deputy Principal at Guildford College of Technology, followed by Director of Education for Lincolnshire Training and Enterprise Council – working for links between education and industry.

In 1987, after three years of theological study at King’s College London and through the Southern Dioceses Ministerial Training Scheme, Michael was ordained as a minister of the Church of England. Whilst in Lincoln he was on the staff of Lincoln Cathedral where took a leading role in the diocese for Continuing Ministerial Education and instituted a professional review system for clergy. He then moved to be Rector of All Saints, Headley (Guildford Diocese) for nearly twelve years.

Michael is a musician and studied the piano to concert level. He is also an organist and have held several Organist/Choirmaster posts. For some years he ran and conducted a chamber choir in our local village.

His research interests are Providence, particularly in relation to randomness of events, and exploring the contributions of Thomas Bayes (a congregational minister) and Pavel Florensky (priest of the Russian Orthodox church) both of whom were mathematicians. Michael is the Secretary of the Worthing Theological Society.

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