Rebecca Warke

Senior Lecturer


Rebecca joined the department in the summer of 2012 as a senior lecturer of physiology.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Chichester with a BHons Degree in Adventure Education and an MSc in Exercise and Sport Physiology. The following year Rebecca graduated from Portsmouth University with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and worked at a local college teaching both sport and outdoor education.

Rebecca works within the three undergraduate Physical Education undergraduate degrees, the Physical Education QTS degree and the Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Her main career interests include health & fitness, outdoor education, and alternative activitie

Key Publications

The Effect of Acclimation to the Heat on Resting Sweat Rate and Heart Rate Variability. By S K DELVES, J KELLY, M GLEDHILL, R WARKE, J L FALLO


Research interests include health & fitness, outdoor education, and alternative activities.

Research Output

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