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How to Apply – International

The University of Chichester accepts qualifications from all over the world for undergraduate- and postgraduate-level entry, and for its International Foundation and Pre-Masters programmes.

Find out more about:

  • the full range of international qualifications accepted
  • how to apply (the processes are different for undergraduate and postgraduate courses).
  • the documents you will need to support your application.
  • our representatives overseas, who can help you with your application if you need guidance.
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Documents and offers

Unconditional offers

If you send us all the documents, we need straightaway, we will make you an Unconditional offer, which you can then accept by “going Firm” (i.e. by accepting the offer).

Conditional offers

If you send some of the documents we need, but not all, we will make a Conditional offer. We will let you know by email which documents we need to make your offer Unconditional.

Supporting documents

Every application must include supporting documents.

These are the documents we need to process your application and give us an idea about your education and your level of English language proficiency. They also confirm your nationality, date of birth, etc.

Some of these supporting documents are core (i.e. we will not begin to process your application without them, so you will not receive either a Conditional or an Unconditional offer).

Some of them are evidential (i.e. they can be provided later in the application process, but a Conditional offer can be made without them).

All are required: none are optional.

Undergraduate applications

For most of the University of Chichester’s undergraduate degrees, you cannot apply directly to the University: you will need to apply through the University and Colleges and Admissions Service (UCAS). UCAS is a centralised admissions portal serving the majority of UK universities. You can register with UCAS here.

Through UCAS, you can apply for up to 5 different degree courses at up to 5 different universities. Your application will be sent to all 5 universities at the same time.

Every undergraduate degree course has a UCAS code. You will find this code on the course page on the University of Chichester website or in the University’s undergraduate prospectus. You will need to know the UCAS code for the course you want to apply for when you make your application. The UCAS code for the University of Chichester itself is (CHICH) C58.

For the University of Chichester’s International Top-Up courses, you can apply directly to the University via the course pages. Go to the course page, click on “Apply now”, register your details and upload any necessary documents, and submit your application.

You can also apply directly for the University’s Pre-Sessional programmes. Again, click on “Apply now”, register your details and upload any necessary documents, and submit your application.

Postgraduate applications

You can apply directly to the University of Chichester for postgraduate courses.

Go to the webpage of the course you are interested in (for instance, MSc International Business), click on “Apply now”, register your details and upload any necessary documents, and submit your application.

You can also apply directly for the University’s Pre-Masters courses here on the course page.

Tuition fee deposits

International applicants will be asked to pay a deposit of 50% of their first year tuition fees before the University of Chichester will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), which you will need to apply for the Student Route visa.

Our Admissions team will provide details of how to pay in their emails to you.

If you do not subsequently attend, or if you leave the course within the first two weeks of the first semester, the 50% deposit will be refunded minus an administration charge (£2,000 for postgraduate courses / £1,000 for undergraduate courses).

The deposit would be refunded, in full, if the University subsequently withdrew the programme.

Applicants with documentary evidence that they will be fully funded by a government scholarship do not need to pay the tuition fee deposit.

Pre-sessional applications

If you are an International applicant and you have not met the English language requirements for your chosen course of study at the University of Chichester at undergraduate (e.g. Bachelors) or postgraduate (e.g. Masters) level, you can apply for a 5- or 10-week Pre-Sessional course on-campus or online.

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Research Applications

International applicants need IELTS 7.0 (with no element less than 6.5)

Applicants for research degrees (MPhil or PhD) should discuss their research interests initially with a potential academic supervisor who may be approached directly, through the Research Office or the Director of Research.

Please see our Research web pages for further details.

Need further information or guidance on applying?

Contact our Admissions team on +44 (0)1243 816002 or email admissions@chi.ac.uk

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