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Amy’s Top Tips to make Welcome Week amazing!

  1. Firstly, don’t be afraid to go and meet people, knock on their door and say hey! Be brave, they’re probably as nervous as you. Introduce yourself and be yourself, once you’ve formed some initial friendships go and knock on other flats, invite them for a cuppa or a pint! The friendliness of Chichester is the best thing about it, everyone is so kind and always willing to help. Introductory lectures are a great place to start to get to know your course pals, chat to lecturers, revise your timetable and get organised for your semester of study
  2. Make your room as cosy as possible, home sickness is probable but making friends will ease this and having a decorated room with lots of photos always makes it easier. Personally, I found it easier not to go home straight away – stick it out! Why not invite your friends and family to come and visit?
  3. If your hangover isn’t too painful, go and explore the glorious sights Chichester has to offer. Take a trip to West Wittering’s for a dip in the sea or find your local Sainsbury’s – always useful so you don’t starve. Chichester has great shops, restaurants and pubs, plus Portsmouth is only 25 mins by train with bustling nightlife and shopping.
  4. Budgeting – this is what I found an almost impossible task. Don’t blow your loan/savings or you’ll be living off super noodles by the end of semester one! Give yourself a weekly allowance, this could include nights out, food shopping or change for laundry. NUS cards are just an absolute must, you can always grab a juicy discount. I also recommend getting a railcard, if you do want to take a trip home these can save you much need pennies. Student bank accounts are a personal choice but saved my bacon many a time. Comparison websites are always handy to find what’s best for you.
  5. Fresher’s fair! – this is a great opportunity to collect so many freebies and vouchers (who doesn’t love a cheeky dominoes), sign up to everything and anything. Gals – Women’s Rugby is the best sport, beginner or pro, we accept anyone. Sports and societies are the best ways to make new friendships – you become like family! There is something for everyone, plus socials can be hilarious.
  6. Finally, I can recommend the Zee Bar, cheap bevvies, banging tunes and even a good old pub quiz. Specifically, the Beach Party, it’s an absolute must, a personal favourite night out of Fresher’s Week, grab your craziest Hawaiian shirt, a garland, some Pina Colada and you’re good to go. Dressing up is essential – WSIHE Wednesdays consist of nothing but crazy outfits and charity shop raiding.

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02 Sep 2020

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