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Why you should consider doing a Degree Apprenticeship!

BY: Sian Spiers, first year Degree Apprentice

I am doing a Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at the University of Chichester. I work for the University itself four days a week while studying for the BSC (Hons) Digital Marketing degree one day a week. I started mid-September so am currently just a few months into the degree apprenticeship.

During my A-levels, I was always set on the idea of pursing a career in marketing. Personally, I am someone who is very hands on and practical and would rather be learning on the job while earning money so naturally, university never really appealed to me. I also felt that I could go just as far with relevant experience from apprenticeships and placements. After finding out about degree apprenticeships, I decided this was the best route for me. It meant that I could get the hands-on experience with working in a workplace as well as getting the amazing opportunity to study for a degree (with no debt after!) By becoming a degree apprentice, I am able to experience the best of both worlds of being a student while working as part of a digital marketing team.

As I continue with my degree, a real connection between what I have learnt in the workplace and at university is becoming more apparent. It’s really interesting to watch the things I learn at university come to life at work. It allows me to apply modules at university to real life situations, giving me a different perspective and providing an added level of depth to modules I have been taught. I am excited to see how this connection increases over time as I begin learning more at university.

Before starting my job, I was very apprehensive as I had never worked in an office environment before, with people that I had never met before. Starting a new job can always be quite challenging, especially in the first couple of weeks as it takes time to get used to the way everything works. However, I feel like I have settled into my new job very quickly as everyone was very welcoming and friendly. Already I have learnt a range of things on the job while being given the support and help needed from other staff members. Everyone has been very understanding and patient with helping me develop new skills and managing my time between learning and working. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my degree apprenticeship and I look forward to continuing to work and learn over the next four years.

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Date published

05 Feb 2020

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