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Business Forum

The Business Forums are a series of events for students and businesses that enable invited business to present a real life marketing issue to students for them to review, discuss and propose solutions for.  It’s a perfect way to gain a fresh perspective on your business from the creative and enquiring minds of our undergraduate marketing and business students.

Established and run by Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Lionel Bunting, the Forums take place throughout the academic year usually on a Wednesday evening at the end of the working day. These events are a great way to experience working with marketing and business undergraduates at the Business School, and as a result of participating many businesses go on to offer semester long projects after seeing just how much value our students can offer their business. 

These fast paced sessions follow a 5x20 minute block schedule:

  • 20 minute networking, refreshments and welcome
  • 20 minute guest talk
  • 20 minute interactive activity
  • 2x20 minute business consultancy rotations
  • For the consultancy element you get to present a business issue or problem that you would like our students to work, to asking probing questions, suggest ideas and discuss possible solutions

Whilst businesses are welcome to attend the events and value your support and input, we can only facilitate the consultancy element at each event for just a few businesses. We carefully manage the numbers to ensure that student and business gain something meaningful from participation.

If you would like to be involved in the Forums as a guest speaker or bring your own marketing challenge to the business consultancy segment then please contact Lionel Bunting