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Fill higher level skills gaps

Open to existing or new members of staff

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What is a degree apprenticeship?

Gaining a degree alongside a professional role

Degree Apprenticeships at a glance

  • You employ your apprentice
  • Can be a new recruit or an existing employee - University can support employing apprentices
  • Typically a two to four-year apprenticeship
  • Apprentices gain professional skills on the job
  • Apprentices study for a qualification at the University of Chichester
  • One day release a week over the course of two semesters
  • University handles administration relating to training - the University can also provide the academic training and support needed
  • Employer handles administration relating to human resources


"Having now taken on three apprentices over the past two years I can honestly say that it has proved to be an excellent decision.​ 

The University has been very supportive and helped us navigate through every step of the process and we have gained three enthusiastic and valued team members, eager to learn and develop their skills.

I would recommend the Degree Apprenticeship Scheme to any employer."

Fill the skill gaps within your organisation

Degree apprenticeships provide an affordable solution to staff development and skill gaps within your business.

Whilst employed by your company, an apprentice will study with the University of Chichester as they work towards a full degree qualification aligned to the needs of your business.

This enables them to apply their new skills directly within their professional roles, embedding their learning, and creating opportunities within the workplace for new thinking.

Dimitris Nerantzidis | R&D Manager | Eurotherm

"A major benefit of the apprenticeship programme to Eurotherm involves the acquisition of young talent into the organisation, which introduces new ideas and innovation to the business."

Develop your existing staff or hire a new starter

Apprenticeships are open to existing or new members of staff.

Our dedicated Apprenticeship team can support you in finding the correct course for existing staff members, as well as support you to find external applicants.

A cost-effective way to boost your business

Degree apprenticeships are funded through the Apprenticeship Levy, which can be used to cover training costs.

In some circumstances you can receive an incentive payment of £1,000 when you recruit an apprentice, although this is dependent on your type of business and the apprentice you support.


Information for Nursing Associate Employers

Find everything you need to know about Nursing Associate apprenticeships, including their benefits of hiring one and what the University of Chichester can offer you.

Steph Coogans | Marketing Manager | University of Chichester (as an employer of Degree Apprentices)

"Having a Degree Apprentice has been invaluable. It has been a privilege to watch somebody grow across the four years of working in the team and the skills and knowledge they have learned.

Not only that, but they also come up with new ideas from a fresh perspective, and this has resulted in changes made to some of our processes to streamline and enhance the user experience."

Degree Apprenticeships finances

What you need to know about the finances behind degree apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Levy

If you pay the Apprenticeship Levy, the apprentice's tuition fees are paid from your Digital Account.

If you do not pay the Apprenticeship Levy, the apprentice's tuition fees will be joint-funded by your business and the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Colm Deasy | Head of Engineering | Barfoots Ltd

"Allowing our employees to complete degree level apprenticeships whilst continuing to work also keeps the retention levels high as the employees see that we are willing to invest in our people.

I would highly recommend the University of Chichester to any employer in the area as it allows companies to train people to suit the needs of the company whilst also allowing the employee to develop in their career.”

How we can help

How the University of Chichester can help you

Our dedicated apprenticeship team will be able to support you with all aspects of the recruitment process, including:

  • Finding the right course
  • Creating the vacancy
  • Advertising
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviews or assessment centres.

Simon Pringle | CEO | Red River Software

"The degree apprenticeships have been a game changer for us and the 8 software engineers we have put through this programme have turned out to be the engine room of our business."

Promoting your vacancy

We will work with you to develop a role that fits the criteria of the chosen apprenticeship standard while still meeting the business need.

Once you have a role to offer, our Degree Apprenticeship team will develop an advertising strategy to help you find the right candidates.

Support with interviews/assessments

Our Apprenticeships Team can help with an initial assessment of applications, looking at academic suitability, and checking against any specific requirements as directed by the employer.

The University can also host interviews or assessment centres on campus or at the employers’ premises, including talks, presentations and tours as required.

We run orientation events for employers before the start of term and support a full induction programme for apprentices in their first week on campus. 

Mudhut Digital

"This is the first time we have taken on an apprentice and the University of Chichester has guided us through the process every step of the way.

Taking on an apprentice offers a new exciting dynamic to the workplace and the investment of sharing knowledge helps grow new talent and develop of qualified member of staff who is adept in the needs of our business."

Our apprenticeship courses

Student view

What our students have to say about their experiences as a degree apprentice


Hilti - Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship

“The University of Chichester’s Senior Leader Programme has been one of the best decisions I made for my education and career, I have been really engaged in the course content and the delivery through practical learning.

I am impressed with how relatable the material covered is and have been easily able to practice this through my role at Hilti. It has supported me to further develop my career and will continue to help me to progress.”


SI Protech Ltd - Mechanical Engineer Degree Apprenticeship

"I have found the degree apprenticeship experience to be incredibly beneficial for both myself and the company I work for, SI Protech.

As an apprentice, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable academic knowledge and skills that I have been able to apply to real-world situations. This has given me the chance to gain experience and skills that would have been difficult to attain through traditional university studies alone.

Through the degree apprenticeship, I have been able to work alongside experienced professionals who have been able to provide guidance and support throughout my journey. This has allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge in a practical environment, which I believe will be invaluable as I progress in my career."


Leap Create - Digital Marketing Degree Apprentice

"Throughout my degree apprenticeship journey, I have had the privilege of gaining both academic knowledge and practical skills. Balancing work responsibilities with my studies, I have consistently strived for excellence in both areas. 

This apprenticeship journey has been the best decision I've made, providing me with the opportunity to gain four years of industry experience alongside obtaining a degree. I have not only acquired a wide range of practical skills, but also developed in confidence and been able to believe in my abilities. 

The Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship has provided me with a solid foundation for a successful future. Take the leap, and you won't regret the immense value and growth it brings to your professional and personal life!"


Eurotherm - Electrical/Electronic Technical Support Engineer Degree Apprenticeship

"Some of the benefits of combining working and studying for a degree at the University of Chichester, include applying the knowledge and skills you learn at university in a working environment, which provides industry experience and consolidates what you have learnt. Another benefit includes receiving the essential workplace experience often required for graduate jobs, before graduating!

I have used the knowledge gained at university to help contribute to many projects at Eurotherm – the things I have learnt at university provide the fundamental background knowledge required to be applied within real-life engineering applications at work."


Utilita - Digital Marketer Degree Apprenticeship

“I'll always be incredibly grateful for the opportunity Utilita Energy has given me to upskill. My apprenticeship has been life changing - I've learnt so much, my confidence in myself has grown massively and I've met some amazing people.

Massive thank you to Utilita and the L&D team, University of Chichester and to my fantastic support network at work, home and University.”


Littlehampton Welding - Senior Leader Degree Apprentice

"I will use the knowledge gained to benefit both the business and myself. To learn vocationally on the job gives an opportunity to integrate learning almost instantaneously."


Frequently asked questions


Our approach to subcontracting elements of our apprenticeship offer

We are committed to delivering high quality apprenticeships that meet the needs of apprentices and employers.

To support this delivery, in some limited instances we may work with a third party who would provide of selected services within the apprenticeship. This will only be in instances where the use of the third party would enhance the apprentice experience and where it is agreed with the employer that the service can meet or exceed the academic standard required within the Apprenticeship.

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