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Hollie Trollen

Programme Lead for MSc Criminology

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Hollie holds a BSc, Post-Grad Conversion & Diploma in Psychology and MSc in Criminology.

Hollie started her career in the Public Protection sector within Dorset Police while undertaking her MSC in Criminology. This experience exposed Hollie to working with a variety of vulnerable adults and children who were exposed to abuse, neglect and trauma within both domestic and professional setting.

Prior to becoming a full-time lecturer of Criminology, Hollie worked in the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) reviewing police officer safeguarding reports for all types of crime and highlighting concerns to relevant agencies that may have been missed by frontline officers and detectives.

From here, Hollie specialised in domestic abuse and moved roles into a MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) Co-ordinator, where she worked as a part of a team in the prevention of homicide in high risk domestic and honour-based abuse cases, where she was responsible for researching and implementing safeguarding measures.


Hollie has undertaken research while working within Dorset Police with the aim of improving policing standards when attending domestic abuse call-outs. With particular interest in how officers completed the Domestic Abuse Stalking and Harassment (DASH) risk assessment form and how this correlated with the predictability of repeat victimisation.

Hollie has also undertaken research in the field of vulnerable adult sector, assessing how Dorset Police could better respond to homeless individuals in their area by conducting a comparative analysis with other forces across England and Wales.

Hollie is undertaking her PhD research in February 2024, and will look to explore the institutionalised subculture within the police that prevents officers from reporting sexual misconduct conducted by their colleagues both on and off duty.

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