Sexualised Violence and Abuse Research Lab

Lab Overview

We investigate the psychological processes associated with sexualised violence and abuse, and their impact on individuals, and are dedicated to developing tools to help victims and survivors in their recovery. A second focus of the lab is the prevention and treatment of those who have committed offences.

To find out more about this lab please contact Dr Valentina Canessa-Pollard (nee. Cartei) at

Key Staff

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Dr. Valentina Canessa-Pollard

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

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Rylee Spooner

Associate Lecturer in Psychology

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Hollie Trollen

Programme Lead for MSc Criminology

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Available Participation Opportunities

Anyone with an interest in sexualised violence and abuse research is welcome to work with us. We particularly encourage collaborations with the charity and statutory sectors.

The lab welcomes prospective PhD candidates, as well as undergraduate students interested in research assistant opportunities.

For inquiries and further information on available opportunities, please contact Dr. Valentina Canessa-Pollard at

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