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Lee Cumbers

Lecturer in Esports


Lee has been involved in the esports industry both as a competitive player and content creator over the last decade. Competing in semi-professional leagues and tournaments across a variety of esports. Additionally, Lee has created two successful gaming Youtube channels, accumulating thousands of subscribers and over 1.7 million channel views, while also becoming a Youtube partner.

After completing his degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Hertfordshire; Lee became a personal trainer and sport performance coach. Training both recreational and professional level athletes.

Lee then turned his focus to the academic side of esports. Achieving a distinction (first class) Masters degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Essex. He extensively delved into peer reviewed, up-to-date literature surrounding esports from a performance, social and health perspective.

After graduating in 2021, Lee went onto work for a mental health non-profit organisation that specialised in supporting esports players and gamers. Formulating intervention programmes, creating social media content and organising esports fundraising events.

Lee has now shifted his focus toward further education and esports performance coaching. He hopes to become a pioneer in the esports education industry, while applying his coveted experience as a sport performance coach to competitive esports.

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