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Gain the practical, professional and academic skills needed to teach and coach sporting activities

Our BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sports Coaching programme is for those of you who love sport, but you’re not sure if you want to go down the teaching route, coaching route, or something else using the excellent transferable skills you will develop on the course.

Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) education partner


Study the fundamentals of both PE and sports coaching

On this highly practical course, you will have the opportunity to experience and develop the core skills underpinning the teaching of physical education and the coaching of sports activities.

Build your degree around your interests

You will have the flexibility to tailor the course to your strengths and interests while developing an in-depth subject knowledge and professional skillset to enable you to move forward in your career progression.

Engage in research-led learning

Throughout this course, you will study modules that use the latest research to inform your teaching practice, including aspects relating to schools’ impact on mental and physical health of its pupils.

Gain vital experience on dedicated work placements

Each year, you will have the opportunity to develop your level of professional experience and improve your employability on various work placements that help support your learning and progress through the course.

Proud history of teacher training

The University of Chichester has been training teachers for over 180 years and we look to train employable professionals who can teach and make a difference.

Learn from expert specialists

You will be taught by experienced physical education and sports coaching specialists and our dedication to small teaching groups allows you to develop strong professional relationships with the University teaching team.

On this course you will:

  • Develop professional knowledge and understanding of the teaching and coaching processes.
  • Understand the developmental aspects of children and developing young adults within a physical activity context.
  • Seize the opportunity to hone your skills and improve your employability through our dedicated work placement options.
  • Build professional attributes such as communication, teamwork, building positive relationships, and enhancing personal performance.

The Course

Develop the core skills needed to progress into either PE teacher training or Sports Coaching

Understand how to teach and coach sporting activity

You will develop an understanding of the lifespan of athletic development of individuals who participate in sport activity, from early childhood fun to elite performance.

Gain a strong initial footing in physical education and sports coaching

The ‘generic’ first year provides you with a strong foundation of knowledge as well as academic flexibility that is useful if you are unsure of your desired career path.

Personalise your subsequent learning to fit your career ambitions

This course has been specifically designed to provide you give you options to allow you to personalise your learning and prepare you to achieve your ambitions.

Teacher training

If you wish to train as a teacher, you could undertake one of our progression routes onto our selection of PGCE routes, including Secondary Physical Education.

We also provide opportunities to train through school-based programmes such as SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training).

Explore other options

If you are not sure that you want to be a teacher but know that you love PE and sport then the degree will equip you with excellent transferable skills such as leadership, organisation, communication, and management of yourself and others.

Indicative modules

You will study a selection of core and optional modules during your degree. Each module is worth a particular number of credits and is delivered differently depending on the needs of the module.

This list is indicative and subject to future change.


This list is indicative and subject to change.

Select a year

Foundations of Learning and Teaching

This module aims to introduce you to learning theory and pedagogic practice in physical education and sport. The module seeks to develop your understanding of contemporary ideas of learning, and how this translates into teaching behaviours. 

You will begin to recognise the importance of research-informed practice in physical education.

The Enquiring Practitioner

While learning the technical components involved in the teaching and coaching of specific skills, you will also be introduced to fundamental biomechanical principles which impact performance.

The module will apply research and enquiry to real-life lived experiences that are associated with your potential future career paths.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities in Education

This module will introduce you to outdoor adventure activities in an educational context typically focusing on KS2 and the start of KS3This may be the first time that you have experienced this area of study, and this module will help you develop the necessary knowledge and pedagogical skills that will allow you to operate effectively during your teaching career.

Knowledge and Understanding of Individual Activities (Aesthetics)

This module aims to analyse in detail movement related to gymnastics and dance.

You will explore gymnastics in its broadest sense within elements identified as Formal, Educational, Sporting and Rhythmic.

You will use the application of biomechanical principles, including Laban technique as you explore the evaluation of gymnastic and dance performance.

Principles of Play Through Invasion Games

The module will provide you with the opportunity to explore the principles of play through invasion games. You will participate in a range of practical sessions that will examine attacking and defensive principles of play.

You will have the opportunity to analyse the technical and tactical aspects of performance when applying different principles of play to invasion games. Content will be linked to your understanding of pedagogical practice. 

Active Schools

Explore the issues surrounding Physical Education and its role in the health and activity agenda. Consideration of personal and social barriers and facilitators within and outside the school environment will also be given.

Theoretical Physical Education 1

This module will provide you with an opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding of some of the major concepts in theoretical physical education.

While the module will focus on providing you with an understanding of key concepts and how research in this area may be conducted.

You will build on aspects of research and enquiry previously developed in The Enquiring Practitioner, to consider how they may be able to contribute to the area in the future through your own research and data collection.  

Theoretical Physical Education 2

This module aims to provide you with an opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding of some of the major concepts in theoretical physical education. The module will focus on providing you with an understanding of key concepts and how research in this area may be conducted.

You will build on aspects of research and enquiry previously developed in ‘The Enquiring Practitioner’, to consider how you may be able to contribute to the area in the future through your own research and data collection. 

Conceptualising Sports Coaching

This module aims to take a very personal approach to conceptualising the sports coach and their working practices. Through a process of reflective and introspective activities, you will be encouraged to consider your identity as a coach and how this influences your practice; thus, the development of the beginnings of a philosophy of coaching is fundamental to the module.  

The concept of evidence-based practice underpins content which will explore and analyse contemporary issues in sports coaching. You will be expected to develop a critical understanding of coaching behaviours and be able to make applications to your coaching practice.  

Module content will reflect the fast-paced, continually evolving nature of sports coaching research and, as such, will be fluid in nature. Notwithstanding, learning content will be built around, but not limited to, fundamental concepts of the who (the coach, the learner), what (technical, tactical concepts), and how (coaching behaviours) of sports coaching.  

Purposeful Practice for Games-Based Physical Education

You will participate in a range of practical sessions that will explore different types of practice and have the opportunity to design practices for developing technical, tactical, and/or physical aspects of games-based performance.

Practical Pedagogy in Sports Coaching

The module aims to provide you with an opportunity to experience a placement within a practical setting. This module aims to develop pedagogical skills to enhance pupil/performer progress and learning within a practical environment. This module also aims to develop the use of your reflective skills to improve and develop your professional practice.

Pedagogical Skills in Track & Field Athletics and Swimming


This module aims to provide you with an opportunity to develop your knowledge, understanding, and personal performance of track and field athletics events and swimming strokes. You may have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and understanding of technical aspects, by planning and leading small group sessions.

Striking and Fielding: Net and Wall Games


While learning the technical components involved in the teaching and coaching of specific skills, you will also be introduced to fundamental biomechanical principles which impact performance.

International Education


This module invites you to reflect on school systems unfamiliar to you. Through a professional placement, you will be placed into in accordance with your career aspirations (primary, secondary), aiming to give rise to the opportunity of working abroad whilst developing a vast array of other employability skills through a professional placement opportunity.

The module will challenge you to consider yourself as a developing professional within the fields of Physical Education and sports pedagogy, whilst developing an appreciation for children who have English as an additional language (EAL). 

Pedagogical Behaviours in Practice

The module aims to provide you with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the various pedagogical behaviours (coaching behaviours and teaching behaviours) (e.g. divergent questioning) that are utilised by sports coaches and teachers of physical education.

You will have the opportunity to lead practical sessions and implement the pedagogical behaviours discussed in the theoretical lectures and workshops.

You will need to critically reflect on the pedagogical behaviours that you applied and how these impacted participant performance and/or learning.  

Dissertation Project

This module is the culmination of previous learning and is the major element of your independent enquiry on your programme.

The module requires that you reflect on, and utilise the knowledge base, context, and application of taught modules, as well as placement experiences.

It is designed to encourage you to generate and explore your own ‘problem’ assisted by supervision from a tutor.

Applied Coaching

Building on from previous learning in Conceptualising Sports Coaching, this highly practical module aims to further embed the application of well-considered, sophisticated coaching behaviours.  You will be expected to develop and refine your philosophy of coaching and demonstrate how you ‘live’ it through your coaching.   

On completion of the module, you should be able to display clear alignment between your coaching beliefs and coaching behaviours which meet the needs of your learners.  

Module content will be fluid and reflect current issues and concepts in the sports coaching literature. Content will be based around the who, what and how of coaching.  

Managing Individual Differences and Behaviours

The module aims to build on your knowledge and understanding of effective teaching and coaching by understanding and applying principles of equality and inclusive practice. You will develop an understanding and critically evaluate the learning environment that actively promotes equality and inclusion for all learners. It will develop your pedagogical confidence and encourage you to think critically about your teaching and coaching. 

Indicative content will include ideology of inclusion, young people at risk of exclusion, teaching approaches and strategies to meet all pupils needs, and creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. The module will be delivered through a series of practical workshops supported by theoretical lectures and will include a school-based placement. 

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities in Education 2


This module aims to use a residential experience to explore the application of different OAA teaching methods to fulfil a range of pupil needs. This module enables you to build upon your understanding of what outdoor learning is and its uses; therefore, facilitating a critical evaluation of the process and output of residential experiences. 

Classroom Pedagogy


This module will use a series of lectures and workshops to explore curricula employed in classroom teaching such as

  • the National Curriculum
  • BTEC Sport
  • A-level PE

to consider how schemes of work and lesson plans are developed for delivery in school and college classrooms.

Teaching and Assessment

Innovative teaching methods that develop your full potential as a future teacher


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will teach you through a variety of highly-practical approaches.

You will experience a variety of teaching methods across the modules including lectures, group work, seminars, and practical workshops.


Our approach to assessments works to provide a good balance between allowing depth and breadth of development and demonstration.

Assessments are built to support your theoretical learning and develop your communication skills, through essays, lesson or coaching plans, research reports, risk assessments or development plans.

Other aspects may be assessed in other way including practical assessments of your coaching and teaching abilities, presenting speeches, in-class debates, and vlogs.


Discover a wide range of excellent sporting facilities that support your learning

Broaden your horizons with residential experiences

PE Secondary Years Residential Experience
Our BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sports Coaching course offers the opportunity to partake in residential experiences to increase your knowledge and understanding of outdoor and adventurous activities and to also begin to learn how to plan and run residentials.

We understand the importance of building relationships and connections early on in your university journey, for this reason, year 1 will encompass an Outdoor Adventure Activities in Education module. The benefits of spending time problem solving, communicating and working as a team are widely recognised and will provide lasting memories and friendships as you move into years 2 and 3.

Work Placements

Discover school placements opportunities that provide you with vital workplace experience

We believe that placements are integral to your development as a student and are integrated within our University-based work.

As such, this course typically includes the opportunity for three placements based around physical education and sports coaching.

This typically takes the form of one placement in a primary school, another in a secondary school and a third in a bespoke professional coaching environment. With multiple other opportunities to expand your placement portfolio over the three years of study.

You will be able to choose your own placement setting, with a dedicated Placement Coordinator available to assist and support you throughout the process.

Their network of contacts across clubs and schools can be used to find the right placement for you.

You can also choose to complete your placements anywhere in the country, with many students choosing placements within their home towns.

Previous coaching placements have included:

  • Albion in the Community
  • Chichester City FC
  • Everyone Active Chichester
  • Guernsey Cricket Board
  • West Midlands Performance Centre

Study Abroad

Explore the opportunity to study part of your course abroad

As a student at the University of Chichester, you can explore opportunities to study abroad during your studies as you enrich and broaden your educational experiences. We are passionate about giving our students the opportunity to work internationally through the mobilisation of the Turing Scheme.

Students who have undertaken this in the past have found it to be an amazing experience to broaden their horizons, a great opportunity to meet new people, undertake further travelling and to immerse themselves within a new culture.

Year 2 also sees our students have the opportunity to be part of our International Education module. This module focuses on education systems from around the world and is delivered through bespoke placement opportunities in an unfamiliar educational environment.

You will be fully supported throughout the process to help find the right destination institution for you and your course. We can take you through everything that you will need to consider, from visas to financial support, to help ensure that you can get the best out of your time studying abroad.

Physical Education study abroad


Open up a wide range of career opportunities within physical education and sports coaching

The world of sport and physical activity is currently a very dynamic and exciting one, with a number of different career opportunities opening up across a range of activities and age groups.

Our BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sports Coaching course provides you with an engaging and relevant programme that may facilitate progression into a career working with children and young people both within and outside of educational settings.

Physical education options

Graduates have gone on to teach in a broad range of settings including primary and secondary schools in both the state and private sector, as well as both Further Education (colleges) and Higher Education (universities) institutions.

Sports coaching opportunities

Sports Coaching is another obvious choice and graduates have both established and joined coaching businesses.

Others have worked with charities to provide sporting opportunities to people around the world

Additional options

As the programme works to develop communication, confidence and professionalism, these skills put you in a strong position to apply for a broad range of graduate positions.

This might include the police, military, or other types of people management.

Postgraduate pathways

  • PGCE Secondary (Physical Education)
  • School Direct (Primary and Secondary)
  • MA Sport Pedagogy and Physical Education
  • MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  • MSc Sports Coaching
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • MSc Sports Performance Analysis
  • MSc Strength and Conditioning
  • Postgraduate Research (PhD)

University of Chichester alumni who have completed a full undergraduate degree at the University will receive a 15% discount on their postgraduate fees.

Gifted Athlete Support Programme

Supporting athletes with their studies and sporting ambitions

The University’s Gifted Athlete Support Programme (GASP) helps students combine academic study with sport by offering support to compete at the highest level.

Our student athletes will have access to our experts in sport coaching, exercise physiology, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, performance analysis, sport nutrition, sport psychology, sport therapy or physiotherapy and receive:

  • Financial Support*
  • Fitness Suite at the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport
  • Administrative support from SU Sport
  • GASP branded kit

* Level of financial support dependent upon level of achievement in sport

Course Costs

Course Fees 2024/25

UK fee
International fee

For further details about fees, please see our Tuition Fees page.

For further details about international scholarships, please see our Scholarships page.

To find out about any additional costs on this course, please see our Additional Costs page.

Course specific costs

You will be required to have a satisfactory enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check costing £40 which needs to be paid for before the start of the course.


Entry Requirements

tariff points.
A Levels
or better in both English Language and Maths.
6.0 overall
with no element lower than 5.5

Interview and DBS

Secondary Teacher training applicants are required to have an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check which needs to be paid for before the start of the course.

Applicants will also need to attend an interview.

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