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MA Musical Theatre

Apply technical artistry to performance projects and open doors to the industry

Apply technical artistry to performance projects and open doors to the industry

This course starts in January 2024.

1 year full-time
Bishop Otter Campus (Chichester)
  • Develop your musical theatre craft through curiosity, collaboration and commitment
  • Choose your pathway to pursue a career as a Performer or Creative
  • Learn from leading industry professionals
  • Study through project-based modules and practical application
  • Graduate with industry contacts and a comprehensive performance portfolio
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Expand your musical theatre creative process from inception to performance

The Musical Theatre Master’s Degree programme at the University of Chichester offers a comprehensive and immersive training experience designed to prepare you for a successful career in the dynamic world of musical theatre.

The programme combines rigorous academic coursework with practical training and performance opportunities, enabling you to develop a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the art form.

Throughout your studies, you will engage in seven performance projects that span a wide range of theatrical styles, genres, and formats.

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Choose your pathway

The course offers you two highly practical pathways, as you gain hands-on experience, further develop your technical skills, and showcase your talents under the guidance of experienced faculty and industry professionals.

Perform in seven performance projects

Throughout the seven performance projects, you are challenged to integrate your vocal, acting and movement training into cohesive and compelling performances.

You will learn to work collaboratively, adapt to different artistic styles, and navigate the creative process from inception to performance.

Emotionally connect with performance materials

The programme emphasises a ‘Head, Hand, Heart’ model that promotes a deep intellectual understanding, the ability to execute the necessary technical skills with expertise and a commitment and desire to communicate and make change.

Artistic exploration, versatility and professional preparedness equips students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the competitive field of musical theatre.

Connect with the industry and start your career

Upon completion of the Musical Theatre Master’s Degree programme, you will graduate with a comprehensive portfolio of performance experiences that demonstrate your range, adaptability and artistic growth.

You will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to pursue a career as a versatile and skilled musical theatre professional, capable of thriving in a variety of performance and creative roles.

The Course

Combine rigorous academic coursework with practical training and performance opportunities

You will engage in seven performance projects throughout the course that span a wide range of theatrical styles, genres, and formats.

These projects provide hands-on experience and allow you to showcase your talents while honing your skills under the guidance of experienced faculty and industry professionals.

You will work collaboratively, adapt to different artistic styles, and navigate the creative process from inception to performance.

Indicative modules

Each module is worth a particular number of credits and is delivered differently depending on the needs of the module.

This list is indicative and subject to future change.

Black Box Project

In this project, you will delve into the intimate world of black box theatre, exploring innovative approaches to performance.

Working in collaboration with a highly-experienced director and musical director, you will hone your skills on an established piece from the musical theatre repertoire.

Culminating in performance, you will explore the work through structural analysis, physical experimentation, detailed performance and generous collaboration.

Out of the Box Project

In this project, you will participate in a collaborative process to create a musical theatre piece from scratch.

You will work closely with a team of fellow students to devise a unique and imaginative small-scale production that reflects their collective artistic vision.

Through these tutor-led, small collectives, you will develop current or original theatre producing exciting and relevant material able to be cultivated into professional self-generated work, post-graduation.

Straight Play Project

In this project, you will have the opportunity to explore nonmusical theatrical works and expand your acting range, as you participate in a straight play production, working with faculty or guest directors to delve into the world of dramatic storytelling.

This project allows you to further develop your acting skills and gain a well-rounded understanding of the broader theatrical landscape.

Juke Box Project

In this module you will undertake an immersive learning experience designed to explore the creative process in making and performing a Jukebox Musical.

Diving into the art of storytelling, music selection, adaptation and stage performance you will develop your skills in one of four central roles; performer, director, musical director or choreographer.

Combining theoretical and practical learning you will challenge yourself to become an artist with an ever-deepening knowledge of what is involved in communicating narrative, emotions and ideas to an audience.

New Musical Project

In this project, you will have the opportunity to participate in the development of a new musical, as you work closely with composers, lyricists and playwrights, to explore the creative process of shaping and refining a new work.

Through workshops, readings, rehearsals and performance, you contribute your talents to the growth of a fresh and original musical.

Main Show Production

The main show production serves as a centrepiece project of the programme, allowing you to take part in a large-scale musical production that showcases your skills and talents.

You will audition for roles, working alongside faculty and professional directors, choreographers and designers to mount a fully realised public musical theatre production.

Industry: Forum and Showcase

The Industry Projects provide you with platforms to present your talents to industry professionals including casting directors, agents and producers.

You will prepare a curated selection of musical theatre material to showcase your versatility, range and unique abilities.

This project serves as a bridge between academic training and professional opportunities, potentially leading to future career prospects.

Teaching and Assessment

Feel the support of our expert and experienced staff and current industry professionals

Our expert and experienced musical theatre practitioners get to know you as an individual, so you can feel more confident to develop your technical skills and explore your creative ideas in a supportive environment.

Typical study weeks include:

  • Project rehersals
  • Guest workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Vocal lessons
  • Audition preparation
  • Industry and employment lectures
  • Tutorials

Outside of scheduled classes, you will complete independent study including developing repertoire, researching texts, individual solo practise, completing individual or group tasks and working on your assignments.

Meet programme leader Meredith Braun

Meredith Braun

Senior Lecturer | Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Music) and MA Musical Theatre

As a Principal in Musical Theatre Meredith has been fortunate to have enjoyed an extensive national and international career, including roles in the West End as vocally diverse as:

  • Éponine in Les Misérables
  • Christine in The Phantom of the Opera
  • Lily in The Secret Garden
  • Belle in The Muppet Christmas Carol.


Discover industry-standard spaces and equipment to support you learning

University of Chichester Conservatoire

You will study in the University of Chichester Conservatoire, which has one of the largest and liveliest performance departments in the UK, with a community of over 1,000 student performers.

Facilities including well-equipped practice rooms with more than 60 pianos supplied by Steinway and sons and an acoustically superb performance venue.


Prepare for a rewarding career within the performance industry

When you join our Company, our leading creators – directors, choreographers, musical directors, writers and performers active in the industry will help you develop the understanding, expertise and connections you need to develop to create and be a part of socially engaged, current and world-class Musical Theatre.

We will elevate your performance craft and prepare you for a rewarding and stimulating professional career.

As performers, our musical theatre alumni have gone into:

  • West End productions
  • Major touring productions throughout Europe
  • Major cruise ships including Disney
  • UK and International small-scale touring theatre
  • ​Film and TV in both the UK and US
  • Edinburgh Festival
  • Cabaret
  • Stage managers, arts managers and producers picking up contracts in the UK and around the world

Course Costs

Course Fees 2023/24

UK fee
International fee

For further details about fees, please see our Tuition Fee page.

To find out about any additional costs on this course, please see our Additional Costs page.

University of Chichester alumni who have completed a full undergraduate degree at the University will receive a 15% discount on their postgraduate fees.

Entry Requirements

A good undergraduate degree or significant, and/or documented professional experience in Musical Theatre performance.


You will need to demonstrate your ability in dance, acting and singing in a performance audition. Applicants with high levels of performance skills may be considered for a lower academic offer.

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