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Nibedita Das

Physical Education Centre of the University of Dhaka

Name: Nibedita Das
Country: Bangladesh
Role: Assistant Director
Organisation: Physical Education Centre of the University of Dhaka 

One of the most uttered names in sports in Bangladesh, Nibedita has more than twenty years of experience in playing, organizing, refereeing, and training swimming and volleyball in Bangladesh. She was a consecutive national champion in swimming from 1987 to 1997, obtaining 48 gold medals in national swimming competition. As a result she represented her country in various national and international competitions and brought success for her country. She devoted her life in swimming coaching after completing her playing career.

She is working as an Assistant Director at Physical Education Centre of the University of Dhaka, is the Coach of Dhaka University Swimming program, leads the volleyball, and acts as a secretary of ‘women's volleyball committee’ under the Bangladesh volleyball Federation.

Moreover, she is a referee of volleyball. As a referee and coach, she conducted several national and international swimming and volleyball competition. Remarking on her achievements and contributions in swimming she got some Award. She achieved the BLUE Award from Dhaka University as a best player. It is the biggest award at the History of Dhaka University. She is actively associated with the National Olympic Association, Bangladesh swimming Federation and Bangladesh Volleyball Federation. The utmost goal of her life is to spread learn swimming among mass people especially to the women.

Nibedita completed her honors and Masters degree From University of Dhaka. She completed her B.P.ED and M.P.ED degree in Physical Education. After completing study, she joined as a ‘women's affairs officer’ under child and women's affairs ministry of Bangladesh Government.

She has very much eagerness to work in an environment where there is an opportunity for self-improvement, to build self-confidence in both individual and group based work that will lead to the further development especially for women. She believe that, further and refresher training in leadership competencies as well as organizational management behaviour would be helpful for developing sports and managing organization.

She wants to enrich her leadership area so that she can make awareness of her countries drawback women, especially in sports. She needs a key from WSLA which will help her to be an expert and successful organizer in the future. She will also find out her limitations or need useful guideline from WSLA. Because she believe that successful leadership is very essential in every aspect of life.