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Ritha James

Christian Sports Contact (Chrisc)

Name: Ritha James
Country: Tanzania
Role: Project Officer
Organisation: Christian Sports Contact (Chrisc)

I started exposing my leadership skills way back in 2001 in my family setting and all the members could notice that I’m a good leader and I can handle being a leader.

In 2004 I worked as a volunteer in my current organization whereby I was given a leadership role to lead a group for volunteers and to be their mentor whenever they come to the country

and my roles in the organization were to mentor, direct and teach the youths and also be a translator for the volunteers who come to the country. Among many others the significant achievement that I’m very proud of to date is how I have developed in all sectors including my self-esteem and confidence that I gained though the leadership skills that I learnt from the time I noticed the leadership in me and I become part of it and it became my life.

My values are many and among them are identifying who I am and what I can do best and do it and also identifying what is important in my life and what is urgent, integrity is part of me and I live that because that guides my life and among many also my faith matters a lot, what I believe in is my guide in my life and for this case God is my number one guider in my life.

My leadership strengths are staying calm and still smile even during a crisis and keep saying in my heart that things will be fine soon

My passion is seeing people think positively about their lives and live their lives to the best as if there are no tomorrow (seeing girls develop and become the best they can) seeing people happy and smile.

My name is Ritha and am a LEADER.