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Ruth Mzengo

Malawi National Council of Sport

Name: Ruth Mzengo
Country: Malawi
Role: Sport Development Manager
Organisation: Malawi National Council of Sport

Ruth was born and raised in Malawi all her life. Living in Malawi has provided her with opportunities to grow and develop and appreciate her people and culture better, both in her personal and professional life. She is very patriotic and will always be proud to be Malawian. She hates inequality and prejudice.

As a child growing up she was fortunate to have had opportunity to attend school. She was one of the fortunate Malawian children to attend a well-regarded, private boarding High School, the Kamuzu Academy, then well-known as the ‘Eton of Africa’. The school, a mixed one, professed a strong educational and ethical philosophy that shaped her life. This background along with the continued support of her family, teachers and friends has allowed her to embrace her dream of being a significant personality in Malawi sport today. She believes in discipline, honesty, openness, transparency and respect for others. Above all she believes God must always come first. She also loves animals.

She started as an economist but because of her passion and love for sport, she changed her career and now holds an advanced Certificate in Sport Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Sport Development.

Ruth has years of experience as a sport leader. Because she was good at what she did and was doing well in many sporting activities she started experiencing leadership roles while still young and in high school. She joined the Malawi Sports Council as Sport Development officer in 2000. She is still working with the Council but now as Sport Development Manager. She is the only lady member of management team and one of her key responsibilities is to drive the development of and promotion of women sport in the country.