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Victoria Aguirregomezcorta

Argentina Rowing Association

Name: Victoria Aguirregomezcorta
Country: Argentina
Role: President Statutes and Rules Committee
Organisation: Argentina Rowing Association

Victoria is a wife and mother of three children, and is a bilingual teacher and international rowing umpire. She has been predominantly teaching adolescents for twenty years. Her umpiring career began in 1996 with a national license, followed by a continental and an international license in 2001, which made her a pioneer in Central and South America.

This knowledge enabled her to lead the organization of several rowing events, beginning in El Salvador in 2003 as Rowing Executive Director for the Central American and Caribbean Games. After moving several times between El Salvador and Spain, she finally settled in Argentina in time to organize the 2012 Latin American Olympic Qualification Regatta. After this benchmark, she has been collaborating with FISA in the Events Commission, as event supervisor and Technical Delegate for regional regattas.

Moreover, she has been a Board member of the Argentine Rowing Federation, where women’s participation is 10%. She has chaired the Statutes and Rules of Racing Commission since 2014.

A strong believer that with a solid background one can pursue evolution, she introduced relevant bye-laws including participation of foreign rowers in the national calendar, an Athletes Commission, a Rowing for All update, and an Ethics Code. Victoria is actively open to changes, uses own initiative to promote advancement and encourages peer umpires to be proficient. She is passionate about improvement and playing a role model for personal and professional development.