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Games, Audio and Animation staff

Head of the Department of Creative & Digital Technology
Senior Lecturer in Digital Film Production & Screenwriting
Programme Co-Ordinator & Senior Lecturer in Screen Acting & Creative Technologies
Lecturer in 3D Animation and Visual Effects
Senior Lecturer in Digital Film Production
Lecturer in Games Design & Development
Senior Lecturer in Post Production - Film and Media
Apprentice Department Administrator
Senior Technical Demonstrator in Multimedia
Head of 3D Animation and VFX
Senior Lecturer in Visual Effects
Senior Lecturer
Associate Lecturer
Associate Lecturer for Esports
Associate Lecturer
Senior Lecturer in Esports
Professor of Film, TV and Games Composition
Dr Adam Locks
Programme Coordinator of Media Studies
Senior Lecturer
Sports Media Programme Coordinator
Programme Co-ordinator for Digital Film Production & Screenwriting
Senior Technician
Senior Departments Administrator for Creative & Digital Technologies and Engineering & Applied Design
Senior Lecturer
Associate Lecturer