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Dr Tim Gully

Senior Lecturer

PhD (Portsmouth), MA Healthcare, BA (Hons) Politics, FIHE and CQSW.

Having worked for the Probation Service, NSPCC and in Social Work for twenty five years, mostly with dangerous offenders and in child protection, I made the move in to higher education early this century.  Teaching social work at the University of Portsmouth and then the University of Winchester I moved to Chichester in February 2012.  My interests have focussed on child development and children at risk, both in my practitioner and academic careers.  Through this I have gained significant criminal and civil court experience.  Having worked both with victims and abusers and  I believe that it is essential to see situations holistically so that we can better, understand, intervene and protect children.  Internationalism is at the core of my teaching and research and I have been able to teach in Denmark, Romania and Germany, bringing ideas back to include in my teaching in the UK.

Publications include Humphries, L, and Gully, T., (1999), Child Protection for Hospital Based Practitioners.  WHURR: London.  Gully. T., (2004), Reflective Writing as Critical Reflection.  In Reflective Practice Vol 5 No 3.  Carfax: London.   Gully, T. (2008), Rene Girard, the Scapegoat Mechanism and Domestic Violence.  In Violenta in familie, p 123-133. University Alexandru Ionan Cuza: Iasi Romania.  Gully, T., (2009), Focus on the Child p 61-78.  In Ruch, G., (Ed), Post Qualifying Child Care Social Work.  Sage: Basingstoke.

My current interests include the making of children from conception to birth, risk society, social pedagogy and child protection in early years.