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Nina Ritakallio

Finnish Orienteering Federation

Name: Nina Ritakallio
Country: Finland
Role: Sales and Marketing Manager
Organisation: Finnish Orienteering Federation

Nina graduated From Bond University, Australia, with a Master’s degree in Sports management, as well as with another Master’s degree in Marketing from Griffith University, Australia. Sport has played an important role in her life since a very early age, and she was engaged in competitive orienteering and middle-distance running until her mid-20’s. Therefore, it was a very easy choice to take on a career in the sports industry.

Nina is highly passionate about marketing and sales, and in her current role at the National Orienteering Federation, she is responsible for the business relationships of the Federation and the national team, as well as some of the largest orienteering events in the world. The aim is to find new and innovative ways to create value for the commercial partners and their customers, and that way secure sufficient funding for the Federation and the national team. An important part of the role is also general promotion of the sport of orienteering, to further increase the participation rates in both competitions and recreational events.

Nina has previously worked as a sales manager at a large Sport and Fitness Centre, where she got her first experiences in a leadership role. Her current role involves management of various stakeholder groups and ensuring efficient teamwork within the organisation. Nina’s leadership strengths are her communication skills, and her ability to see the big picture and understand the long-term implications of different decisions. During WSLA, she is looking forward to learning more about her own leadership profile and identifying the key areas to develop to become a better people leader.