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Rachel Waterman

Sport England

Name: Rachel Waterman
Country: UK
Role: Head of Volunteering
Organisation: Sport England

I am an ex-retail manager, turned civil servant/public sector worker who has ‘people’ as the common thread running through all of my professional and personal life.

Two main career highlights are working ‘inside government’ as an Assistant Private Secretary (APS) to the Minister for Health and working ‘inside the Games’ at London 2012.  As an APS, I was afforded privileged experience and insight into our political system and how personalities and connections make the wheels turn. At London 2012, I was immersed for four years in the planning and execution of the Games with unique experiences and unrivalled ‘backstage knowledge’.

My career success have been achieved through hard work and personality.  My academic days and early career were somewhat rudderless with no real plan or direction and I’m now very proud that I’m now totally clear that I enjoy working in an operational environment and one that provides me with regular interaction with people.

In terms of values, honesty, fairness and trust are very important to me. Simple as that. If there is no balance, if there is no equity, if there is no trust then I am frustrated and uneasy.

My leadership strengths are communication skills and relationship building. I am an excellent communicator and an enthusiastic and personable type of person with the skills and experience to identify and engage with people at all levels and from a variety of backgrounds and organisations.

I am passionate about my family and friends – I have always said they form my two ambitions in life. In terms of my work, I am passionate about volunteering and I champion the notion that it is crucial that the needs and motivations of volunteers are met in order to ensure a good volunteering experience and a stronger and more cohesive sector.