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Suzanne Kenealy

Cricket Ireland

Name: Suzanne Kenealy
Country: Republic of Ireland
Role: International Teams Administration Manager
Organisation: Cricket Ireland

I grew up in a small Dublin suburb and am the second youngest of five children in our family. My parents ran a successful family business which at weekends through our teenage years we all helped out with. My parents worked hard to provide for us and to ensure we were all well-educated. Through my upbringing I developed many great traits that assist me in my role today and surrounded me with values in which I operate through on a daily basis.

I would describe myself as being honest, hard-working and a team player. I am passionate about my job, my family and friends and strive on new challenges. I believe that respect is there to be earned through your actions and is not a given.

A family that married into cricket I was confronted with a team sport/environment from the age of six in a club that was multicultural and catered to all ages. This environment helped mould me into the person I am today. I would say that my leadership skills are that I treat everyone equally and fairly, I am patient and understanding and that I communicate well. I am confident in what I do and am a good listener.

To be involved with a sport that I have been passionate about my whole life as a career is very exciting. My career with Cricket Ireland started in 2008 after the Irish Team returned from the World Cup in the West Indies. What was then an amateur sport has now grown to an organisation that employs 30 staff in addition to its 24 contracted sports professionals.

My career highlight would be the success and enjoyment around our national squad after they won three global events, across three different formats, within a calendar year. Playing a part in their preparation and support around these events filled me with great pride.