Postgraduate Open Evening

Staff Profiles

Head of Business School
Project Officer
Department Administrator
Business Start Up Manager
Reader in Management and Organisational Learning
Head of International English: Coordinator: Level 6 International Route ‘Top-ups’, International Academic & Language support (IALs)
Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator – BA (Hons) Event Management
Associate Lecturer in Marketing
Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Management
Senior Lecturer/Exchange Coordinator
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Senior Lecturer in IT Management
Senior Lecturer, Enterprise Education
Senior Lecturer & Research Coordinator
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Roger Holden Profile Picture
Senior Lecturer in Software Development
Associate Lecturer in International English
Associate Professor Emeritus
Full-time PhD Student
Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Digital Marketing
Associate Lecturer
Associate Lecturer
Lecturer in Computer Science
Lecturer in Operations and Business Management
Associate Lecturer
Lecturer in International English
Marina Osman-Salleh
Department Administrator – Engineering and Business
Alec Coutroubis
Associate lecturer in Engineering and Business
Linjing Zhai
PhD student
Associate Lecturer in Business School
PhD Student
Associate Lecturer