On-Campus Open Days

EXCLUSIVE: Campus Dog to takeover University social media channels

In a world-first pilot, the University of Chichester's campus dog will be taking over their social media accounts on Friday 23rd April from 11am.

No matter how hard the social media team try to plan intricate campaigns and social media output, Lincoln the Labrador always has the most engagement. Every. Single. Month. This has sparked the team to trial a world-first pilot for Lincoln to become the official social media manager. He will be taking over the University of Chichester social media accounts for the day to showcase his talents, student engagement and all-round fluffiness.

His presence on campus this academic year has been limited due to his lack of social-distancing, however he is excited to have the opportunity to show off his pup-ularity in a different way.

If you have any questions for Lincoln, or if you'd like to join the conversation - use #LincolnLabradorTakeover on Twitter and he will get back to you (hopefully, if he does a good enough job...)