Visit our Virtual Open Day

Katie's top tips for Virtual Open Day

I found the virtual open day very useful and informative and it gave me a lot of information all about my course (Primary Teaching) and it made me feel part of the Chichester community before I had even started! The open day provided so much information and answered so many questions that I had. 

My top tips for Virtual Open Day are:

1. Ask questions! Make sure you make a list of questions that you want to ask BEFORE the virtual open day starts, as this will give you a main focus. I used the live chat function, and I also found this very useful as I was able to talk to lecturers and some students, and I was able to ask lots of questions (even the silly ones!) and it made me feel like I knew a lot more about my course.

2. Use the live chat function! I think it can seem scary to chat to lecturers and students, but honestly it helps so much, and they can give you so much advise and support.

3. And finally, just have fun with it! Remember that open days should be fun, and even if you can't get onto the campus there are still so many things you can do on the virtual open day and it is so much fun to find out about the university and the courses you are interested in. 

I do not have the words to express how much I love the University of Chichester and how comfortable I feel here. I have moved a very long way from home, and I was so worried about coming here, but the support I have received from the lecturers and other students has been amazing. If you want a university that feels like one big family, Chichester is for you!

University is a very different experience with COVID, especially in my Primary Teaching degree there is not the same level of interaction and fun as we expected, however, our lecturers have gone above and beyond for us and have given us so much support and have made our lessons as best as they can be. I am so glad that we have the amazing support from our lecturers because they have made the whole covid situation so much more manageable and have made sure that we feel comfortable and supported. 

By Katie Russell, first year BA (Hons) Primary Teaching