How to Start a Start-up

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, or if your business was launched within the last twelve months, we can provide all the advice and guidance that you need to get your idea going. We can also offer you up to £5,000 from our Invest4 Grant Fund to help to cover your start-up costs.

Our free start-up support is run through both the University of Chichester Business School and the Princes Trust - each offer unique support options. If you are under the age of 30, you may find that the Princes Trust option is best suited to you, you are however most welcome to choose whichever option you wish to.

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University of Chichester Bootcamp

6-Day Bootcamp: How to Start a Startup

The university is currently running a free, intensive, remote boot camp of six, daily two-hour sessions. You can choose to attend sessions that run from 10am – 12pm or from 7pm – 9pm. If you need to, you can mix and match morning and evening sessions to fit around your schedule.

Across the twelve hours you will build the knowledge you need to successfully start your start-up or get your early-stage business growing.

The Princes Trust

Frequently asked questions

The Collaborate2Create & Innovate program is designed by the Princes Trust to support 18 – 30 year-olds who want to learn how to start a business or to become self-employed. This program has four stages:

You can book your place on The Prince’s Trust workshops by telephoning 0800 842 842.

Case Studies

Entrepreneurs we've supported

The Business Hothouse free business support and Invest4 business grants have helped so many entrepreneurs to grow their businesses over the last twelve months. Here’s just a few them:

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