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Degrees with International English Studies (IES) at Level 4


IES Modules are open to you if English is not your first or main working language. In the first year of your degree studies you can substitute 2 or 4 Modules in your main degree subject for credited IES Modules. At the end of your first year, when your use of English has improved, you can then focus on your main subject for the next two years. This is an excellent way to improve your language skills and develop yourself as a skilled bilingual user of English.


Why should I take International English Studies Modules?

International English Studies Modules allow you to begin your undergraduate studies at an English level of IELTS 5.5 (minimum in all 4 components) by combining your main subject with International English Studies on your three year degree Programme.  This means that you can graduate in three years in your main subject. The Modules are specially designed for students for whom English is not a first language and they provide integrated language and skills development to support your degree studies.

Which subjects can I combine with International English Studies?

Modules in International English Studies can be combined with most Single Honours Programmes across the University. This includes Programmes in the Business School; English, Creative writing, History, Politics & Theology; Dance; Fine Art; Music & Musical Theatre; Psychology and Sport. Please note that some Programmes which offer external accreditation cannot be combined with IES at Level 4. Also, it is not possible to combine IES with Joint Programmes, e.g. Business Studies & Marketing.

Please contact Admissions directly to see if IES can be combined with your selected Programme and for information on how to apply. 01243 816000

How do the combinations work?

You take International English Studies for 50% or 25% of your year 1 (Level 4) studies. This means you will combine 2 or 4 Modules in IES with 6 or 4 Modules in your main subject. The Modules are fully credited and you will be able to transfer to full studies in your main subject for the final two years of your degree. Your degree award will be in the subject you study in your final two years.

What will I study in International English Studies?

The Modules aim to develop you as a bilingual user of English in a world in which English is increasingly the global language. They cover personal English Language Development and Academic English. The Modules aim to develop your language skills to a high level of proficiency and to ensure you get the most from your studies in your combining subject. The Modules also give you chance to work with international students from across the University

What extra support do international students get?

We specialise in offering individual and tailored support to international students. In addition to International English classes you also receive:

  • Individual tutorial support (3 hours per semester), to help you plan, carry out and check your coursework in your combining subject;
  • A special international orientation programme to welcome you to University;
  • Dedicated international advisers to help you with issues such as visas, opening a bank account and generally settling in to life in the UK;
  • Social events to help you integrate into the University community and University life.

For more information please see our International Academic & Language support package (IALs)

What qualifications do I need?

You need to have successfully completed your secondary education, usually to age 18. In addition you need to have achieved IELTS 5.5 (or recognised equivalent) across the 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. If you are unsure of your language level the University can offer you a language profile check once your application is received.

What can I do if my language level is lower?

We also offer a Presessional programme which can raise your IELTS score by 1.0 (10 weeks) or 0.5 (5 weeks) across all components. You can take this Programme in July and August before beginning your degree studies.

How do I apply?

You can apply via UCAS or directly to the University of Chichester at 01243 816000

What our students say about us


"I'm happy I studied International English Studies because it gave me a wide knowledge and I got to meet people from different countries and learn a bit about their culture." Uchechukwu Nebo (Nigeria) Event Management with IES at Level 4




"I decided to apply to the UoC because of the location, but realizing that I could get as much supervision and help from my tutors as possible, because of small number of students in sessions (compared with other universities). I am pleased with my choice. I could study both English and Marketing while surrounded by supportive people like tutors, and people are quite friendly. Combining with IES also helped me to improve my use of English at the same time as studying my Marketing subjects, especially in things like discussions and academic writing. I could get some tips from IES and use them in my other classes. I would make that choice again - with no doubt." Matea Matic (Croatia) Marketing with IES at Level 4


"I'm happy I'm studying International English Studies because I can increase my confidence talking with other students in English and using English in different classes." Azusa Minemura (JAPAN) Media Studies with IES at Level 4