Mitigating Circumstances


Students may self-certificate absence from an examination(s) for a maximum of seven consecutive calendar days in an assessment period, and for a maximum of once per semester. This includes online exams, and other scheduled activities such as performances, it does not include coursework/assignment submissions, or practical placements.

Please refer to the FAQs before submitting your claim.

Students will be able to apply for mitigating circumstances online on ChiView.

Mitigating Circumstances are serious events which impact upon your performance and must be:

  • Severe
  • Unexpected
  • Unpreventable
  • Relevant
  • Corroborated

The claim must meet the requirements for independent documentary evidence outlined in the FAQs document.

Mitigating circumstances and extensions are often confused as the same thing, when they are two completely separate processes:

  • Extensions are applied for through the relevant Programme Coordinator
  • Mitigating circumstances through AQSS

What are migitating circumstances?

Any student who believes that there are circumstances (e.g. ill health or close family bereavement) which have seriously affected their performance in assessment is advised to submit a claim so that those circumstances may be taken into account when the Board of Examiners meet to discuss candidature, particularly in cases of failure or failure to submit.

What mitigating circumstances does is, in any case of failure or failure to submit in a module, a student is usually allowed to take that assessment again, at the next point of assessment, without a capped mark of 40%, as a resit would be. If you have submitted a claim for mitigation and you pass your module, mitigation will not be applied, and the original mark will be accepted. Marks are not normally altered because of a student’s mitigating circumstances. However, the Board’s decision on what to do in certain situations may be influenced by the mitigating evidence considered.

Claims for mitigation are only for the notification of circumstances which have not previously been taken into account by the University (for example: where a disability has been recognised by the University through a SARA, this has already been taken into account), or where it is felt that the effect of your circumstances on your performance has been greater than allowances which have already been made. All claims will be treated in confidence. The contents of the claim will normally be kept confidential to the Chair and Officers of the Board of Examiners.

Please note that claims for mitigation should normally be submitted before the point of assessment and no later than ten working days after the assessment deadline or examination or other assessment event. If this is not possible, claimants should liaise with in the Academic and Quality and Standards Service for guidance on the maximum timeframe for submission.


How to Apply

Please complete the mitigating circumstances claim form online via ChiView, and attach the relevant independent documentary evidence within the form.

Incomplete forms or those unaccompanied by independent documentary evidence will not be accepted, so please ensure that your information is completed in all sections and that you upload your evidence.

If you’re applying early in the semester and your assessment deadline is still some weeks/months away please consider an extension in the first instance. Extensions are often preferable in the long run as outlined above.

You are advised not to rely on a third party e.g. Academic Advisor, Counsellor, GP to forward evidence on to AQSS.  See the FAQs for examples of appropriate evidence or contact AQSS for advice.

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