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Strategic Plan

Our University Strategy from here to 2020 sets out our contribution to that great national enterprise. It reflects our unshakeable belief in the liberating power of education to transform our society for the benefit of future generations.

Our mission is: A university community that inspires and enables individuals to exceed their expectations.

Our Twenty-Twenty vision is that: By 2020 the University of Chichester will be internationally recognised as a beacon of good practice for high quality, student-centred higher education within a supportive community of learning.

These are our strategic goals:

  • Every student will have an outstanding learning experience.
  • We will be inspirational agents for social, cultural and economic regeneration.
  • All staff engaged in learning and teaching will have a research profile that is of national or international repute.
  • Our academic portfolio will be developed to ensure that it remains relevant for those seeking to access higher education.
  • Enhancing the student experience will be the cornerstone upon which we develop our campus environment.
  • Embrace the opportunities presented by the new education landscape in a way that is coherent with our strategic direction.
  • Generate levels of surplus, sufficient to secure sustainability and create funds to support the delivery of our vision.
  • Achieve a shared sense of mission and belonging across our community so that our vision is owned by the whole institution and understood by our partners.

For further details on each of these strategic goals, please download our University Strategy.