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Student Shared Housing

Information for Landlords

The Accreditation Scheme for landlords has been designed by Chichester and Arun District Councils to give professional, reliable landlords the credit they deserve, and to distinguish their properties from the rest.

Only accredited houses are being marketed by the accommodation office, and as well as having a market advantage, accredited landlords who join the local authority Accreditation scheme can make full use of our standard tenancy documentation and support.

Please see 12 good reasons to join the Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

Accommodation Office Services

The accommodation office provides a web based advertising service used by over 3000 students looking for private rented accommodation each year. Most students use our facilities as their first point of contact. To advertise with us, all properties must be accredited.

Our office is open daily and we are pleased to answer queries from existing or potential landlords. We advertise details of your accommodation to students who will contact you to arrange a viewing. Students will make all arrangements with you.

Can I be part of the Accreditation Scheme?

If you are a landlord wishing to rent to students, you are required to accredit your rental properties with the local authority, if you wish to advertise your property through the University. For further details about the scheme, please visit the Landlord Accreditation Scheme on the CDC website.

The University is always looking for good quality furnished self-contained flats and houses.

What are the benefits in registering my property with the University?

The Accreditation Scheme gives professional, reliable landlords credit and gives them a market advantage by distinguishing their properties from the rest.

University registered landlords will benefit from:

  • Sample tenancy documentation
  • Regular updates on best practice and the legal aspects of letting
  • Answers to FAQ’s; Hints & Tips
  • Support from experienced landlord mentors
  • Regular landlord evenings, providing you the opportunity to meet with other 'student' landlords - the sharing of experience, knowledge and ideas
  • Support and guidance from the University

Register your property

All HMO properties must adhere to all the safety regulations laid out in Chichester and Arun District Councils' guidelines.

Landlords are required to register on an annual basis. Invitations to re-register are sent out during the month of December. At this stage, you will also be invied to confirm your marketing requirements for he fourthcoming academic year. Please ensure ou comply with the registration deadline (a date in January) in order tha we have sufficient opportunity to update your property profile on the website in readiness of our annual Housing Fair which takes place in early February. 

Demand then continues on a regular basis until late August (for the start of the new academic year), so please don’t hesitate to advertise your property with us whenever convenient over this period.

Landlords must provide full details of their properties, including photographs together with valid safety cetificates. Students will then contact you direct to arrange a viewing of the property.

Once you have secured a letting, please contact the Accommodation Office as soon as possible so that we can remove your details from view and prevent unnecessary calls from other students. Please telephone 01243 812120 or email us