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Work with our students and graduates


The University aims to equip our students and graduates with the specialist, professional and personal skills required for employment. The Careers team provides advice and guidance as they look for employment opportunities, contacts in the business world and ways to develop further.

We do this by building relationships with local, regional and national organisations like yourselves and learning about your requirements and the aptitudes you are looking for. We can help you to find the right person, from student work placements to graduate roles, internships, full-time, part-time and seasonal vacancies. Or perhaps you have a short term project to fulfil or would like to support one of our final years by being a Professional Mentor?

Benefits to your business

The majority of employers highly value taking on a student or graduate in an appropriate short-term or permanent role for range of reasons, which might also include:

  • An opportunity to develop closer links with the University
  • Increased short-term resource for a specific project or busy period
  • Motivated students with specialist knowledge and forward-looking ideas
  • A means of identifying potential employees for future employment
  • Getting a fresh perspective on a project or challenge.

Use the University’s own Jobs Portal to promote yourselves and advertise your role and email or talk with us about recruitment, interview arrangements or presentations to potential candidates or course groups.

Promote your company and advertise with the University's own Jobs Portal

The University of Chichester has its own unique site for students and graduates to access information on companies and their positions.  Our service is free to advertise as many job vacancies and volunteering opportunities as you like, in addition to promoting your company and raising its profile. Login in here to use The University of Chichester’s Jobs Portal

Part-Time/casual work for students

Many students are actively looking for part-time work and seasonal work, whether it’s related to their course or not. They need to work around their studies but are usually free at weekends, evenings and holidays.

Placements and work experience for students

As far as the University is concerned a placement is an approved period of learning within the work place which is relevant to a student’s course and for a planned period of time so is temporary. This can be one day a week, for several weeks or up to a year.  

This opens our students eyes to the world of work and bridges the gap between their higher education learning and professional experience giving them the opportunity to apply the theory and skills gained during their course to your work environment.

A  placement and other work experience is extremely valuable to students as it deepens their understanding of the business world, builds their insight, skills and experience and develops the evidence they require for applications, CVs and LinkedIn profiles.  

Login in here to use The University of Chichester’s Jobs Portal to advertise your opportunities and promote your company.

Volunteering for students

The University of Chichester knows our students require additional skills, business etiquette, connections and a range of vital work experience and we encourage them to do this through   volunteering, placements and part-time work during their time with us, but not to affect their studying.

Volunteering provides some vital and valuable experience and is usually undertaken in the non-profit or charity sector. If your volunteering vacancy doesn’t fall into this category you should be aware of contravening national minimum wage legislation.


We recommend that employers pay students the going wage for a role and required skills, however the University always encourages organisations to pay the National Living Wage.

Some employers are able to offer unpaid experience or work shadowing for students on a part-time basis or for a short time period. Unpaid work experience should not put students out of pocket and we ask employers to pay reasonable expenses like for travel and for lunch

Employ a graduate

Graduates have studied at a high level and developed a range of skills, aptitudes and specialist knowledge whilst at university which they can apply to the world of work. Many organisations will benefit greatly from recruiting talented graduates with motivation and fresh ideas. They:

  • Have acquired many skills, have great enthusiasm and are highly motivated.
  • Are positive learners and become productive at a faster pace.
  • Have forward-looking ideas and are proactive problem solvers.
  • Can effectively and efficiently adapt to new environments.

Graduates are an ideal target for career development and succession planning. Login in here to use The University of Chichester’s Jobs Portal.

Professional Mentoring

Mentoring is a powerful and unique programme which matches you as a working professional to one of our final year students. It is an informal “professional friendship” where you meet approximately once a month to help them consider their career path and you share your work journey, lessons learnt and insights gained.

For both mentor and mentee, it encourages development of personal and professional skills such as listening, how to hold productive meetings, goal setting, diary management and communication skills.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would like to visit us at Bognor Regis or Chichester and discuss how you can get to know the University better. Contact the Head of Employability, Liz George through or email or telephone 01243 816035.

Many thanks for working with us at University of Chichester.