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Expand your industry knowledge and skills in music

*Subject to approval. This course starts in September 2024.

1 year full time

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Develop your professional practice through our innovative and exciting MA programme

This MA programme will give you access to an abundance of high-profile industry practitioners and professionals. The ever-growing network will become a significant asset with regards to networking, advice, support and guidance.

The course is designed to support and develop professional practice for anyone wishing to create, further develop and secure employment opportunities in the music industry.

Learn at the Platform One college on the Isle of Wight

Platform One is an independent college of music that offers state of the art industry facilities and experienced music industry staff and is committed to reflecting the rapid changes within the music industry.


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The Course

What you will study

Indicative modules

This list is indicative and subject to future change.

Professional Practice

This module offers the opportunity to reflect on individual professional practice, as well as offering insight into the personal expectations of the MA programme. The intention is to celebrate the journey so far and to identify the key areas of strength and areas for further development, in relation to personal career aspirations.

It is critical to understand and explore starting points; not only in essential technical and musicianship skills, but also in relation to personal employability skills and resilience. This module will set the scene and secure essential foundations for subsequent modules and personal development.

Music Industry Analysis

This module offers the opportunity for in-depth analysis of the current status of the current status of the music industry; reflecting on commercial models, industry reports, trends media responses and professional practitioners.

The module will include a brand overview of research methodologies and postgraduate research skills. Students are encourages to focus on their own creative practice in relation to future career aspirations and employability.

Business & Enterprise

The music industry continuously desires innovation and such as, it needs young entrepreneurs to consistently challenge and present new viable business models. This module is all about embracing, encouraging and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit. There will be the opportunity to explore what is required to be able to turn the foundations of an idea into a successful business.

The module will encourage students to explore, develop and debate enterprise skills . It is essential that students feel equipped  that students feel equipped and confident to take risks, show initiative and undertake new ventures.



Personal Skills Development

This module is all about the development of personal skills in relation to individual career aspirations. There will be flexible study opportunities that build on the individual’s current work and/or professional practice; the purpose is to develop expertise in relation to personal career aspirations and professional industry practice.

The module aims to explore the development of associated transferable skills that could become potential barriers to employment opportunities ‘ such skills could include resilience, self-confidence, self-promotion, communication and networking.



Innovation in the Music Industry

This module offers the opportunity to explore, predict and potentially conceive innovations that may impact on the future of the music industry. There will be analysis and evaluation of specific industry case studies including new innovations, online strategies, digital marketing, impact of new media, new technologies, expectations of consumers, new industry service providers, and an overview of the accessibility of the global marketplace.

This is all about innovation and the opportunity to challenge the traditional music industry model: be ready to innovate.

Commercial Project

This module offers the opportunity to develop an ambitious and personalised Commercial Project in relation to future career aspirations. This module is designed to consolidate all of the skills and knowledge acquired during the MA programme. This is an opportunity to interface and engage with the music industry, to innovate, and to secure a place in this highly competitive industry.

Commercial Projects should draw from and reflect upon all of the modules studied throughout the master’s programme.

Teaching and Assessment

How you will learn

There will be opportunities for both formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments do not carry any formal marks however they are designed to prepare, support and guide the summative assessment. Assessment feedback will be personal, informative and insightful.

Other opportunities to assess the progress and development of studies include:

  • Tutorials
  • Online
  • Seminars
  • Practical sessions
  • Workshops
  • Performance
  • Work-based learning


Use industry standard equipment

Platform One

Platform One has working relationships with many of the world’s greatest manufacturers of music equipment. These relationships mean that you will use up-to-date, industry standard kit.

The Platform One facilities include:

  • Sound proofed and fully equipped rehearsal rooms.
  • Dedicated instrumental tuition rooms.
  • Lecture and performance suites.
  • Seminar rooms.
  • A dedicated Pro Tools suite.
  • Two high-end, professional recording studios running Avid HD3 systems with Audient consoles.

Platform One has relationships with companies including Blackstar Amplification, Marshall Amplification, Ashdown Engineering, Audient, Zildjian, Mapex, Pearl, Peavey Electronics, Roland, Neutrik and Music Man.


Where you could go after your studies

This MA Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise degree will prepare students to explore and propose new approaches to career aspirations and the future of the music industry.

Future careers may include:

  • Music producer
  • Audio production and recording
  • Live sound
  • Music business and management
  • Events management
  • Session work
  • Festival production
  • Composition for film, television and games

Course Costs

UK fee

University of Chichester alumni who have completed a full undergraduate degree at the University will receive a 15% discount on their postgraduate fees.

Entry Requirements

Typical offers (individual offers may vary):

Honours Degree
2:2 or higher
in related discipline

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