Home News Renowned artist donates tapestry for auction to raise funds for University chapel roof

Renowned artist donates tapestry for auction to raise funds for University chapel roof

Art lovers will be able to bid for a unique tapestry this February, thanks to a generous donation to support fundraising efforts for repairs to the University of Chichester’s chapel roof. The auction takes place on 2 February.


Michael Crompton is a former Fine Art student who studied at the Bishop Otter College in the 1960s, which has since become the University of Chichester. A specialist in tapestries, several of Michael’s works are already on display at the University’s Bishop Otter campus for students to enjoy.


The University’s Chapel is a place of religious worship, but also regularly holds events for the local community including recitals, concerts and dance performances. With repairs needed to restore the roof of this much-loved building, artist Michael explains why he decided to donate his tapestry which is entitled ‘The Sun is setting and the Moon rises, reclaiming the night sky.’


“The Chapel is right in the middle of campus and quickly became a focal point during my time there. It epitomised the cultural, social and spiritual elements for so many young lives. It is a real pleasure to give something back and support the Chapel Roof Appeal.”


The tapestry will be auctioned by Strides of Chichester on 2 February at 10am and full catalogue details will be added to their website soon at https://www.stridesauctions.co.uk/auction-calendar/


Professor Jane Longmore, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Chichester says: “The story of the influence of the Bishop Otter College Art Collection on Michael’s professional practice as a textile artist and tapestry weaver is a magnificent endorsement of our efforts to surround our students with original works of art. We are very grateful for his generous donation of this beautiful tapestry to help raise much-needed funds to repair our chapel roof.”

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