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For individuals:

  • You will have a full initial consultation to assess your needs and asked to complete a food and physical activity diary
  • Any interventions that follow the initial consultation will be individually tailored to your needs
  • Follow up sessions will ensure that our interventions are effective

For groups:

  • We can deliver group workshops and seminars for sports performers (e.g. runners, triathletes), sports teams and recreational exercisers.
  • The level of detail of information we be tailored to the group and can be linked with school and college programmes to have an educational focus if required.
  • Prior to a seminar or workshop we will discuss your specific requirements and desired outcomes to individualise the content.

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What are the benefits?

You will be provided with information to help implement evidenced based nutritional interventions to improve sports and exercise performance and optimise training adaptations.

These services will help you evaluate your dietary habits from in relation to your sports training programmes or exercise regimes and provide nutritional interventions targeted to improve performance and optimise training adaptations.

What to expect from your first visit

You may be contacted in advance to provide information for parking if required. Please allow time to park as campus may be busy.

You need to make your way to the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport.

If you are under 16 please bring a parent or guardian with you to the session.

Check in at the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport reception where you will be shown to the consultancy room.

We will then ask you some questions to build a picture of your experiences which will be used to help inform our advice and then we will ask you to complete a food and physical activity diary.  

You are not required to bring anything with you to the session.

What do you get?

Individual - Following the initial consultation and submission of the food and physical activity diary we will provide tailored recommendations of nutritional strategies you could use to optimise your exercise regime, training and/or sporting performance.

Groups – Workshops will provide you with an overview of nutritional considerations for improving sports performance and training adaptations. These will be specific to the interests of your group and provide you with information to start developing your own nutritional strategies.