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Physiology Support

  • Not progressing in your sport?
  • Unsure if you are training at the right intensity?
  • Unsure if you are making improvements?

 If you have experienced any of the above, our physiological testing services will provide you with an objective means to address your issue. Our sports physiologists possess a wide-ranging understanding of the body, enabling them to advise you of how training and preparation influence performance.

If you are interested in maximising your potential then we can help you achieve this. We can:

  • Help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your physiology.
  • Provide you with bespoke training guidelines to help improve your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help track your progress by using objective scientific data. 

What services do we offer?

There are a variety of assessment services that we might use depending upon your needs.

These may include:

Our physiological assessments are carried out in our Sport Science Laboratories (accredited by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences), using state of the art ergometers that ensure a controlled environment to compare exercise test results.


Working with an experienced practitioner, we will enhance your knowledge of your physiology to help target strengths and weaknesses in your performance in areas such as*:

  • V̇O2max
  • Speed / Power at Lactate Threshold
  • Running Economy / Cycling Efficiency
  • Body Composition
  • Heat Tolerance

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and the results of any assessment will be tailored to meet your needs.

What do you get?

For individuals:

  • You will have an initial consultation to discuss your needs.
  • Any assessment(s) recommended will be carefully selected to meet your specific training or competition needs.
  • Follow up assessments will allow you and us to track your progress.

For groups:

  • A full needs analysis can be carried out if required
  • The group assessments will be tailored towards the groups needs and can have an educational focus if required.
  • Follow up sessions will ensure that information provided by our assessments / educational sessions are effective 

What to expect from your first visit:

You may be contacted in advance to provide information for parking if required: Please allow time to park as campus may be busy.

You need to make your way to the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport

If you are under 16 please bring a parent or guardian with you to the session

Check in at the Tudor Hale Centre for Sport reception where you will be shown to the Sport Science Laboratories

We will then ask you some questions to build a picture of your physical condition which will be used to help formulate that start point for your assessment. 


You are required to bring your standard training/racing kit (trainers, shorts and t-shirt/vest).

Cyclists are encouraged to bring their own cycling shoes and pedals for comfort/familiarity.