Postgraduate Open Evening

Tessa Maroni

Research Fellow

Tessa is a research fellow within the Occupational Performance Research Group currently working with the development of physical employment standards for the non-ground close combat personnel in the British Army.  She completed her PhD in 2019 at the University of Western Australia, which investigated the effect of practical cooling methods (namely hand cooling) on the physical and psychological performance of athletes when exercising in the heat. Tessa has gained vast client experience working as both a researcher and an applied practitioner in exercise and occupational physiology as well as teaching and supervisory experience with both undergraduate and postgraduate students. 


2015-2019: PhD in Exercise Physiology, University of Western Australia

2011-2014: BSc (Hons) in Sport Science, Exercise & Health, University of Western Australia


Journal articles

- Maroni, T., Dawson, B., Landers, G., Naylor, L., & Wallman, K. (2019). Hand and torso pre-cooling during passive and active warm-up does not enhance subsequent high intensity cycling or cognitive performance in heat. Temperature. 1-13 doi:10.1080/23328940.2019.1631731 

- Palejwala, Z., Wallman, K., Ward, M. K., Yam, C., Maroni, T., Parker, S., & Wood, F. (2019). Effects of a hot ambient operating theatre on manual dexterity, psychological and physiological parameters in staff during a simulated burn surgery. PloS one, 14(10).

- Maroni, T., Dawson, B., Dennis, M., Brade, C., Naylor, L., & Wallman, K. (2018). Effects of half-time cooling using a cooling glove and jacket on manual dexterity and repeated-sprint performance in heat. Journal of Sport Science and Medicine, 17(3), 485-491.   

- Maroni, T., Dawson, B., Barnett, K., Guelfi, K., Brade, C., Naylor, L., Brydges, C., & Wallman, K. (2018). Effectiveness of hand cooling and a cooling jacket on post-exercise cooling rates in hyperthermic athletes. European Journal of Sport Science, 18 (4), 441-449.  

- Long, T. M., Rath, S. R., Maroni, T. D., Wallman, K. E., Atkinson, H. C., Gottardo, N. G., ... & Naylor, L. H. (2017). Fitness, body composition and vascular health in adolescent and young adult survivors of paediatric brain cancer and cranial radiotherapy. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health. doi: 10.1515/ijamh-2017-0082


Tessa has research interests in the following areas:

  • Environmental (heat/cold/altitude) exercise physiology
  • Acclimation and cooling for performance and recovery in heat
  • Applied and occupational physiology among physically demanding occupations