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Invest4 Grant Funding

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The Invest4 Grant Fund can award funding of between £2,000 and £170,000 to start-ups and established businesses in the coast-to-capital area that meet the eligibility criteria. You can discover quickly if your business or start-up will be approved for an award by attending one of our free remote workshops that are held regularly through both WSX Enterprise  and GetSetForGrowth. Over 90% of applications to the fund are successful.

To help you to understand the application process you can view our infographic and you can request an application form from our Grant Fund Manager (

The Invest4 Fund has been created to help new businesses to start-up, and to help growing businesses to grow more quickly. It is a match-fund meaning that, where a business agrees to pay (or raise capital) for 60% of their expenditure cost, the Invest4 Fund will agree to pay the 40% balance of that cost.

To field a strong Invest4 Grant application, you will need to include your business plan and we offer free, remote workshops to help you to develop a plan that is specifically geared towards gaining funding. You can book your free place on this workshop through The Business Hothouse Eventbrite PageWSX Enterprise  and Get Set For Growth  offer workshops and intensive boot camps that will help you to fill out the Invest4 Grant application form to a high standard by taking you through the form line-by-line. They also offer business planning workshops.

Examples of projects that the Invest4 Grant Fund Manager has agreed to fund include:

  • New equipment for the expansion of a brewery to help it to introduce new products
  • New equipment for the expansion of a bakery, to support their growth and to increase productivity of their current workforce
  • New website and marketing strategy to align with the growth plans for a small business to move forward in a post-Covid market place.
  • A website update and new equipment for a printer to enable them to work in a more productively
  • A beauty manufacturer’s new product development to enable growth into overseas markets
  • Development of a film production company to pivot their product offering to enabling them to support on-line video meetings and on-line courses.

If you would like to speak with a member of The Business Hothouse team, you can book a phone appointment with us via our Facebook Page and we will advise you on how The Business Hothouse can support your business or business idea.

Develop your knowledge through our workshops

Invest4 grant funding could help to grow your business. You can get support with your Invest4 grant application and learn about other business grant funds that you may be eligible to access and you can learn about these through our Finding Finance & Funding workshops.

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