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GraduateOn internship scheme opens to businesses

GraduateOn opens to nearby businesses

BUSINESSES across the south coast are being urged to turn to graduate interns for the next generation of skilled workers.

The University of Chichester’s GraduateOn internship scheme is an opportunity to recruit the brightest minds to undertake challenging roles and projects.

Internship roles can start from June and there are salary subsidies of up to 50 per cent now available for eligible employers.

The University offers a range of support to help get businesses involved and to find the right intern for each role. Employers who take part in the GraduateOn scheme benefit from recruiting individuals who can quickly grasp new skills and concepts; bring with them the latest academic knowledge; and can problem solve with a fresh perspective.

It also provides an opportunity to test out new roles, trial new employees, or help resource short-term cover. Internships can last from eight weeks for second-year students and up to 12 months for third-year students and finalists. Such is the success of the scheme that a number of businesses have gone on to employ their interns in permanent roles.

“We aim to equip our students with the specialist, professional and personal skills required for employment and have a wealth of talent who want to apply those skills in the workplace in private business, public sector organisations and charities in West Sussex and neighbouring areas” explains Sandra Coley, Head of Employer Engagement at the University of Chichester. “Employers who are interested in recruiting one of our students or graduates for an internship starting this summer should get in touch now so we can work together to help fill the role.”

A range of employers have experienced the benefits of GraduateOn and here are just some of their comments about the scheme.

Gary Peters: Chief Executive at LoveLocalJobs.com

“We needed a younger person to use their experiences and help put content onto our employability website. It was a no brainer to be honest. Remus made an immediate impact and I would happily have him back any time. He came in and added value to our website straight away. I would do this again, and again and again off the back of this experience.”

Leanne Smith: Account Manager at Tann Westlake

“We thought it would be nice to have someone with a younger perspective and fresh skills coming to the company. It’s worked really well for us and has been very positive and helpful. Amy has fitted in really well. Having someone that’s very confident and very capable, with a new set of skills has been an asset to the company. She is now employed with us full time.”

Juliet Thomas: Museum Curator at Littlehampton Museum

“The scheme is well run and well organised. We got a highly skilled graduate who’s really passionate about heritage coming in and filling a big hole in our staff team for what is our busiest period over the summer. Alice has fitted in fantastically. She’s very easy going, friendly and self assured and has hit the ground running and got involved which is exactly what we needed.”

Avril Robinson: Head of Fundraising and Communication at St Wilfred’s Hospice

“We had specific projects we wanted to be able to take forward but with limited hands available. To have a new member of the team, and Brogan is very much a member of the team, was really quite refreshing. Brogan has made a difference with her contribution, her ideas and her comments. I think she has probably made us think about things in a slightly different way. It’s exceeded every expectation we had.”

Find out more

For employers interested in getting involved with GraduateOn the University can help with drafting job descriptions, advertising posts, and collecting applications together for employers to shortlist from. Internship opportunities must fulfill criteria such as level of pay, weekly hours, internship duration and roles and responsibilities.

If you think that your company could benefit from having a student intern, visit our employer information page or email graduateon@chi.ac.uk to find out more.