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Professional Services

Our dedicated Professional Services teams are experts in their fields, working behind the scenes to provide a high-quality, 21st-century learning environment in which all students achieve their potential.

Each team draws upon a wealth of experience to ensure that the University achieves its academic and non-academic objectives.


Academic Registry has a primary function to provide a high quality, responsive and forward-looking service to students, staff, our partner organisations and visitors to the University.

Su Longden
Academic Registrar
Tel +44 (0)1243 816020); e-mail

Academic Registry has responsibility for ensuring that records for all students (undergraduate, postgraduate and research) across our provision, including collaborative partners, are accurately maintained and complete from the time an applicant becomes a registered student through to final award. The Academic Registry team provides a professional, proactive and high quality service to students, staff and other visitors both in person,  via email, telephone or written correspondence.

Academic Registry comprises administrative teams to support the following areas:

Student Records, Programme and Modular Records managed by the Student Records Manager

Assessment and Examinations managed by the Assessment Manager

Timetabling and Room Bookings managed by the Timetabling Systems Manager.

Academic Registry are located on the Bishop Otter Campus, Chichester.

General enquiries should be emailed to

Please use the appropriate contact email below if you have a specific query:

Student Records Team:


Assessment Team:


Modular Team:


Timetabling Team:


Academic Registry queries can also be answered/logged via the Support & Information Zones (SIZ) which are located within the Learning Resource Centres on both campuses.  Email, telephone: 01243 816222.

The Academic Registry teams provide essential administrative support and a responsive enquiry service, which includes:

  • tracking and processing undergraduate and postgraduate student intermissions and withdrawals
  • processing changes in programme and module registrations
  • Council Tax Certificates and queries
  • student references
  • transcript requests
  • producing teaching timetables
  • examination timetables
  • processing results for Boards of Examiners
  • production of Award Certificates
  • duplicate certificates
  • confirming programme/semester/academic year dates

The University’s student intranet is an interactive area of the University’s website, which allows you to communicate with us and other University staff during your time here. As well as a source of important generic information, guidance and links, you will also find essential information.


This section of our website provides information on Academic Quality and Standards Service, and the people to contact regarding these areas.

The remit of the Academic Quality and Standards Service is to operationalise the administrative procedures through which the University's academic rigour and excellence in teaching and learning are ensured. The main activities include programme approval, annual monitoring and periodic review of programmes, Boards of Examiners and the appointment of External Examiners. We support one main Committee of Academic Board - the Academic Standards Committee. Our support for students also includes helping those who wish to Appeal against decisions of Boards of Examiners. We also manage academic malpractice, mitigating circumstances, and complaints from students in particular areas including those referred on to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.


  • Katie Akerman - Director of Quality and Standards, taking a strategic role in the leadership and management of quality and standards, including degree apprenticeships and academic partnership activity;  

  • Robert Herniman - Quality and Standards Manager, supporting the management of quality and standards, including partnership activity, and lead quality officer for Childhood, and Social Work; Psychology and Counselling; Education and the Chichester Institute of Sport; 
  • Martin Stanton - Senior Administrator, with responsibility for Academic Standards Committee (ASC) and lead quality officer for the University of Chichester Conservatoire (including dance); University of Chichester Business School, Creative and Digital Technologies and Engineering and Design; 
  • Allie Brown – Quality and Standards Administrator provides support for academic partnerships; Academic Partnerships Forum; mitigating circumstances; External Examiners; and updates for the staff intranet and Moodle; 

  • Rachael Clausen - part-time Senior Administrator, with responsibility for the mitigating circumstances process, and lead quality officer for Arts and Humanities; 

  • Mandy Williams - part-time Administrator, with responsibility for supporting the Director, and for administrative arrangements within AQSS. 

  • Cathy Allen - supporting compliance for degree apprenticeships. 

  • Katie Akerman - Director of Quality and Standards, taking a strategic role in the leadership and management of quality and standards, including degree apprenticeships and academic partnership activity;  

  • Robert Herniman - Quality and Standards Manager, supporting the management of quality and standards, including partnership activity, and lead quality officer for Childhood, and Social Work; Psychology and Counselling; Education and the Chichester Institute of Sport; 

  • Martin Stanton - Senior Administrator, with responsibility for Academic Standards Committee (ASC) and lead quality officer for the University of Chichester Conservatoire (including dance); University of Chichester Business School, Creative and Digital Technologies and Engineering and Design; 

  • Allie Brown – Quality and Standards Administrator provides support for academic partnerships; Academic Partnerships Forum; mitigating circumstances; External Examiners; and updates for the staff intranet and Moodle; 

  • Rachael Clausen - part-time Senior Administrator, with responsibility for the mitigating circumstances process, and lead quality officer for Arts and Humanities; 

  • Mandy Williams - part-time Administrator, with responsibility for supporting the Director, and for administrative arrangements within AQSS. 

  • Cathy Allen - supporting compliance for degree apprenticeships.

Careers and Employability Service

Careers and Employability Service

The Careers and Employability Service can advise and support students at all stages in their studies to develop, research and plan their career choices. Guidance is offered throughout the year to enhance job-hunting, CV writing, interview and decision making skills.


The Chaplaincy is here for the benefit of all, students and staff, those of all faiths and none.  It’s an open space for those with a faith who want to celebrate it as well as for those with their doubts who want to question it; for those who are just looking and those who need somewhere neutral to reflect.  It is for those who are experiencing difficulties and maybe don’t know where to start to get help. 

Rev’d Dr Alison Green, our Chaplain, was formerly the curate at Chichester Cathedral. Alison is from Dundee, but has lived in Hampshire and West Sussex for many years.

She worked as a doctor in the NHS in Scotland, Chichester and South East Hampshire. Alison completed training in General Practice in Portsmouth and Chichester, then worked at Graylingwell Hospital as a Registrar in Psychiatry, before spending most of her medical career as a Community Paediatrician based in Leigh Park, Havant. 

Alison trained for ordained ministry in Cambridge, although her theological study began as a part time student in the Theology department at University of Chichester.

 Alison is based in the Chaplain’s office in the Chapel on Bishop Otter Campus, but is regularly at the LRC on Bognor Regis Campus, and is available to meet students on either site.

Alison says Morning Prayer in the Chapel at Bishop Otter Campus on weekdays at 8.30am (all are welcome) and services are held on both campuses during the year. There are prayer rooms/ quiet rooms on both campuses.

If you are looking for a local Church, place of prayer, worship or meetings for other faiths and beliefs, Alison will be able to discuss with you what you are looking for and suggest places where you may feel most at home.

 If you would like to know more about the Christian faith, or wish to deepen and affirm your faith through baptism or confirmation, Alison would be delighted to discuss this further.
01243 816041

Corporate Communications


We provide media-friendly academics and researchers who have extensive experience of speaking directly with journalists on a wide range of subjects.

James Haigh on, call 01243 816 495 or for out-of-hours press enquiries 07876 885 601.


Corporate Communications can assist the organisation in five key areas:

  • Event Management – organising and managing departmental events as well as leading on corporate events such as graduation;
  • Internal Communications – informing colleagues and current students of important and useful information to support their own activities;

Caroline White, Corporate Events Officer:


  • Fundraising – attracting funds from individuals, charitable trusts and corporates
  • Alumni Relations – developing and maintaining our relationship with former students



The Estate Management team provide a wide range of support service functions including the following:

  • Residential Management
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Porterage and caretaking
  • Long Term Maintenance
  • Leases and Licences
  • Capital Development
  • Statutory compliance
  • Energy Management
  • Carbon Management
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver a high quality, impressive, fit for purpose estate and support service which fulfills the needs and aspirations of our users.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create, manage and operate the University estate such that it is safe, accessible, adaptable, flexible, clean, maintained, comfortable, sustainable, manageable, and above all, a place that everyone who studies in it, works in it or visits it will value, respect, be inspired by, advocate, rate highly and recommend.  

Our Strategy

  • To develop, refurbish, maintain and operate the estate in an optimum condition.
  • To deliver the range of Estate Management services, to agreed service levels, at a sustainable level of investment.
  • To satisfy the University’s environmental sustainability targets through the appropriate use of its buildings and equipment, their operation and control.
  • To deliver an Estate Management service that is affordable and meets the financial parameters set for the service. 

Who we are

John Kingdon, Director of Estate Management has overall responsibility and accountability for all Estate Management services provided to the University. John has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and professional qualifications in both safety and housing.  John has spent over 20 years working in local government and is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and of the Chartered Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. John is also a Certified Member of the British Institute of Facilities Management.

John is supported by Charles White, Head of Campus and Residential Services.  

Charles has responsibility for the delivery of Accommodation, Conference and Cleaning Services across all University sites. In addition Charles acts as client officer for the catering, security, transport and car parking functions and ensures service delivery against contract. Prior to joining the University in 2012, Charles spent over 20 years working for a variety of Colleges within the University of Oxford where he managed all aspects of conference, accommodation, hospitality and facilities functions. Charles background prior to this was in hospitality and catering.



The University must also ensure the Health and Safety of all students and Staff, providing training to individuals and making sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities with regard to Health and Safety issues.

The University of Chichester is fully committed to environmental stewardship and the principles of sustainable development. It accepts its environmental responsibilities and recognises the positive contributions it can make to the resolution of global, regional and local environmental issues. 


The University has a duty to:

  •     Provide and maintain safe systems of work
  •     Ensure safe means of handling, use, storage and transport of articles and substances
  •     Provide information, instruction, training and supervision
  •     Provide safe place of work including safe access and egress
  •     Provide and maintain safe working environment and adequate welfare facilities.

It should be noted that everybody has a duty under Health and Safety legislation:

  •     To take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself and of others affected by his acts or omissions
  •     To cooperate with their employer in the course of their work
  •     No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere or misuse anything provided in the interest of health and safety
  •     The duty is not restricted to employees but to everyone.

More information about Health and Safety can be accessed via the University intranet.


Telephone: (01243) 816488


Kevin is the University Health and Safety Advisor. Kevin has previously worked as a health and safety professional for Chichester College advising employers on their health and safety management systems. He has also taught health and safety units to Diploma students in Environmental Build. Kevin was runner up in a national health and safety competition in 2006 which was organised through the Association of Colleges, whilst working at the College.

Kevin is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Safety and Health and has a Masters degree in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management (with distinction) from the University of Portsmouth.


The Finance team  maintains financial systems and records in line with statutory and funding body requirements and supports the effective planning and management of the university by providing financial advice and information.

The team provides the following services:

Management Accounts and Procurement

  • Procurement support – tenders, supplier relationships, value for money exercises. Current IT tenders.
  • Management accounts – monthly finance reports, budgeting and planning support, pricing and costing support (including TRAC)

Financial Services

  • Statutory Accounts
  • Sales ledger (student fees, invoices, credit control and cashier services)
  • Online store
  • Purchase ledger (supplier invoices, bursary payments, payments to schools)
  • Payroll services 
  • Fixed assets
  • VAT and Corporate Tax services
  • Insurance
  • Treasury management


The Human Resources Department is located on the Bishop Otter Campus in Chichester. We aim to support staff and managers in all human resources aspects of their work and life at the University. The department covers the areas of HR Services, Occupational Health and Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity, Staff Development, Environmental Health and Safety & Sustainability.

The Human Resources team are located on the Bishop Otter Campus in Chichester, although the team work across both campuses as required.   We provide professional guidance and support across the areas of HR Services, Occupational Health and Wellbeing, Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity and staff development and training.  The team supports both staff and students, working closely with the Students’ Union on staffing matters and inclusivity.

The University’s People Strategy ‘Working for our Future’ is an enabling strategy  that supports our Twenty-Twenty Vision and other University Strategies (for example the Learning and Teaching Strategy, the Research Strategy, the Enterprise Strategy, the Reward Strategy and the Sustainable Development Strategy). 

The team provides support for all managers and staff across the areas of:

  • Recruitment, selection and induction   
  • Terms and Conditions and contracts of employment
  • Reward Strategy: pay negotiations/pay scale, remuneration and payroll (we work closely with Finance/Payroll)
  • Employee relations policies and procedures
  • Equality and Diversity/Inclusivity (including the publication of the annual Inclusivity Report)
  • Occupational health (for example pre-employment clearance and referrals), welfare and employee support
  • Sickness Absence Management and other absence procedures
  • Organisational Change
  • Staff Surveys
  • Flexible working arrangements  
  • Maternity, paternity, adoption and  parental leave arrangements
  • Visa requirements/Right to Work in the UK
  • Data and Barring Service clearance
  • Management of the HR database ('iTrent') and its self-service functions (e.g. booking staff development sessions and annual leave on-line, access to payslips, updating of personal information, manager access)
  • Organisational Development and the co-ordination, evaluation and monitoring of the University's Staff Development Programme
  • Probationary procedures and  the PRDP (Performance Review Development Plan) process
  • Job evaluation using Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA)
  • Annual returns to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and other stakeholders

If you would like any further information, or require clarification of any of the information contained on the Human Resources website, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


IT Services supports learning, teaching, and professional Services with technology infrastructure systems and services.

Getting help with IT

Help and advice to support you in using IT is readily available. There is extensive online help, or you can contact us via the Support and Information Zone. 

The SIZ provides face-to-face service via the counter in each Learning Resource Centre, and can also be contacted by email telephone on (01243) 816222, or through our self-service portal

What we provide

The Information Technology Service is responsible for the University’s Digital Strategy

IT facilities include wireless access to internet and University information systems, email, staff computers, telephony, and open access Windows PCs and Apple computers with a wide range of software centred in the LRCs.

For general printing there are printers located conveniently around the campus. Our “follow-me” service means you can pick up your job from any convenient printer. All printers enable photocopying and scan-to-me services.

Corporate and e-Learning Systems provide the virtual learning environment, student records, applicant information portal, as well as the finance, human resources, and intranet systems.

IT provides project assurance, and manages IT business continuity.

Who we are

Director of Information and Learning Technology: Dr Rod Matthews

Responsible for the overall management of IT Services, including:

  • Digital Strategy
  • IT Operations and Cyber Secuirty
  • Corporate and eLearning Systems
  • Service Development Web and eLearning
  • The Skills Team
(01243) 816150

Head of IT Service Development: Haydn Tarr

Responsible for:

  • Change Management
  • Cloud and on Campus data centre design
  • Licensing
  • Web and communications systems
  • The University VLE

(01243) 816153

Manager of Learning Technology and Skills Development: Roz Hall

Responsible for:

  • Digital Skills
  • Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching
  • Digital techniques in working and every day life
  • Effective digital journeys (submission, VLE etc)  

(01243) 816135

Head of IT Operations: James Mason

Responsible for:

  • Management of the IT Infrastructure, including data centre operations, servers and storage, network and data communications, technical standards
  • Cyber security
  • Telephony systems (including mobile telephones)
  • Classroom technologies
(01243) 816450

Head of Corporate & eLearning Systems: Melanie Lintell-Smith

Responsible for:

  • Development and management of all the University’s corporate systems; supporting processes such as Student Records, Human Resource and Financial Management
  • Project management standards and the Project Management Office
  • Information management and data integrity (for example GDPR)
  • Web and eLearning systems
(01243) 816151,

IT Service Delivery Manager: Kevin Williams

Responsible for all aspects of IT service management, including:

  • Provisioning and installation of new PCs and Laptops
  • Second line support and training
  • Open access PCs
  • Emergency class room technical support
  • Media centre facilities
  • Classroom technology
  • Equipment loans

Please contact the SIZ on (01243) 816222

Learning and Information Services

The Department of Learning and Information Services (LIS) is responsible for the Learning Resource Centres, main reception and Support and Information Zones (SIZ), Library Services, IT, and The Otter Gallery.


In each Learning Resource Centre there is a SIZ reception desk.

SIZ provides:

  • All help and support
  • Parking and bus tickets
  • Switchboard and enquiries
  • Bookings

Contact Details:

Head of Support and Customer Experience: Vito Mastrolonardo  
01243 816000


At the University of Chichester, Learning and Information Services provide high quality resources within a varied and supportive environment for learning, teaching and research.  Library Services are based in the Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) on both campuses, but the electronic library (E-Library) means students can access the resources they need at anytime from anywhere.

To enhance the learning environment, the study space is divided into quiet and silent study floors. Students can also book any of the group or silent study booths on either campus.

The library holds in excess of 200,00 printed books with access to an additional 500,000 eBooks. There are around 380 print subscriptions to journals, as well as electronic access to a further 12,000 journals containing over 20 million articles. In addition, the multimedia databases have over 100,000 streamed media clips.

Electronic databases can be accessed on and off campus. All subject areas have specific sections within our virtual learning environment, Moodle.

Further information about Library Services

University Librarian: Karen Lloyd

Tel: 01243 812082


The Skills Team offer group and one to one training in all of the systems and software provided at the University. The team offers face-to-face and online resources.

Further information about the Skills Team. 

Manager of Learning Technology and Skills Development: Roz Hall  
01243 816135


Equipment loans provide:

  • Laptops and tablets
  • Computer peripherals (mice, web cameras, external hard drives etc)
  • Professional video and image editing facilities
  • A stock of loan equipment, including video and stills cameras, and lighting gear

For more information, please contact the SIZ:


The Print Shop has facilities at Bognor Regis Campus and in the Learning Resource Centre at Chichester Campus where it offers printing, binding, laminating, and copying services (large volumes) for students as a paid service.

Contact Details:


Operating as an internal marketing agency, Marketing Services deliver a range of marketing projects to support academic and non-academic promotional activities.


In Planning we collect, analyse and report data and management information for both student related statutory returns and for internal use.  


  • Annual Monitoring data
  • Ad hoc data queries
  • Destination of Leavers (DLHE) survey data
  • Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) data returns
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) student data monitoring 
  • Unistats data return
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • League Table analysis
  • National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) data
  • Qlikview (Business Intelligence) development
  • Risk Register coordination
  • Student number modelling (Quantrix)
  • Student retention (withdrawals) reporting
  • National Student Survey coordination and analysis: 



John Lumley - Head of Planning
April Taylor - Management Information Analyst
Sarah Middleton - Management Information Analyst
Jo Bartosiewicz - Management Information Analyst


The Admissions Office is responsible for the University’s application process and provides support and advice to applicants and staff. Admissions staff are happy to answer your enquiries about how to make an application, entry criteria, selection procedures, course availability and so on. Download the Admissions Policy 2018/19 for more information.
01243 816002

Marketing Campaigns supports academic colleagues in recruiting students across the university.The team travel extensively throughout the UK, promoting the university at a series of UCAS recruitment fairs, and regionally through Career and Higher Education Fairs at schools and colleges. The team organises four Open Days each year, suitable for both pre and post applicants, and runs weekly scheduled and ad-hoc Campus Tours for visitors who are unable to attend an Open Day. For those subjects that do not interview, we run Experience Days during the Spring.
01243 816443

The Digital team promote the university through our corporate website, digital content creation, recruitment sites and social media platforms. They manage internal communications to students via the ChiLife website, and oversee any digital campaigns alongside Marketing Campaigns, including open days, clearing and subject specific recruitment campaigns.
01243 812151

The Access and Outreach team believe passionately that higher education should be open to all who have the ability and potential to benefit from it, regardless of family background, age, ethnicity or disability. In line with this tradition, the team is dedicated to supporting schools to guide their students through the myriad of choices and decisions en route to university.
01243 812079


As a student you could benefit from specific types support, for example, sorting out your finances, managing a disability, looking after your health, getting through a tough period, planning your future or a host of other needs and combinations of needs.

Disability and Dyslexia Service

The Disability Team provides a range of support to students with disabilities, continuing health conditions, mental health conditions and specific learning difficulties (including dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysgraphia).

For more information please visit our webpages.

International Student Advice

The International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) is here to provide on-going support for international and EU students and can help you settle in to living and studying in Chichester or Bognor Regis.

For more information please the International Student Support pages.

Student Health and Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing Service is made up of experienced and Professional advisers, with a wide range of skills and expertise, including Registered Nurse Health Advisers, Registered Mental Health Advisers, Student Wellbeing Advisers and Registered Counsellors. Every weekday during Semester time, Wellbeing Pop-ups and Health Drop-ins are available on both campuses in a range of accessible locations. Students can meet with an adviser in confidence to discuss any worries or concerns without the need to join a waiting list or book an appointment. 

For more information, visit the Student Health and Wellbeing pages.

Student Money Advice

The Student Money Advice Service provides assistance and advice for students who have financial difficulties.

For more information please visit the Student Money Advice page.

Study Skills

The Academic Skills Adviser offers one-to-one tutorials and group workshops focusing on the skills you need to be successful with your studies. Advice is for all students, no matter what level or degree you are studying. 

Support and Information Zone

The Support and Information Zone (SIZ) is your first point of contact for many University services and is available for extended hours, weekdays and weekends, to support and advise you.