Health and Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing Service is made up of experienced and professional advisors, with a wide range of skills and expertise, including Registered Nurse Health Advisors, Registered Mental Health Advisors, Student Wellbeing Advisors and Registered Counsellors.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Services
How our student support team can help you

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you while you study. We are here for you, whenever you need us, every step of the way.

Find out more about our services below for students with disclosed physical and mental health conditions, and for those who need help and support to cope with any issues that arise during your studies.

Contact us at to discuss our health services, or see our Wellbeing site for details of our wellbeing support.

Daily Accessible Health and Wellbeing Support

Drop-in support every semester weekday

We run daily semester-time drop-ins for health and wellbeing, as well as self-bookable wellbeing triage appointments with a professional wellbeing advisor.

You can meet with an advisor in confidence to discuss any worries or concerns you have without needing to join a waiting list or book an appointment. This popular service offers the help you need, when and where you need it.

Current students can find out more at our Moodle page or contact the SIZ desk at or 01243 816222.

Ongoing Conditions

Ongoing support for physical and mental health conditions

We have a positive and inclusive University-wide response to health and mental health and will welcome you if you have an ongoing health or mental health condition such as depression, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, anxiety, or an eating disorder.

To access support or discuss your needs please contact the University as soon as you have an offer so we can ensure suitable support is in place to help you as you study.

For information on mental health conditions and disabilities please contact the Disability team at or phone 01243 812076.

For medical conditions you can also speak to the Nurse Health Advisors (term-time only) on 01243 816111 or email

Student Health and Wellbeing

Supporting you throughout your studies

Mental Health Support

Explore our mental health support and find out what services you can access as a student.

Student Health Support

Confidential support and advice for health-related issues and long term conditions.

Immunisations and Meningitis

Staying safe during your studies

Measles, mumps and meningitis are serious infectious illnesses that can spread easily when groups of people are gathered together such as at university, so it is important that you are fully protected before you start your studies.

We highly recommend that you visit your doctor to get the ‘Men ACWY’ vaccine and check your MMR vaccination status before you come to University.

We  also strongly advise that you get the recommended two MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vaccinations if you have not previously been immunised. (You can also get these vaccinations when you register at a GP surgery local to the University).

For more information on the Men ACWY vaccine and why it is advisable to have it please see the NHS Conditions pages on ‘Men ACWY vaccine’

For more information on the MMR vaccine and why it is advisable to have it please see the NHS Conditions pages on ‘Mumps vaccine for teenagers’

You will be asked for your record of vaccinations when you register for University. You can get a print of your record of vaccinations from your home GP. Please bring this with you on registration day at University.

Early signs and symptoms can be confused with flu or a bad hangover. Trust your instincts - get medical help immediately and dial 999 if you think you have meningitis.

Local Doctors and Dentists

Registering with medical services at university

We strongly recommend that all students register with a GP local to the University Campus; it will still be possible for you to see your ‘home’ GP during holidays as a temporary patient. The nurse health advisors will help you through the registration process.

We maintain close links with four local surgeries and hold details of other surgeries in and around Chichester and Bognor if needed.

Out of hours​

If you need medical help out of hours but it is not an emergency call the NHS 111 number.

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