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29 April - 9 June 2017

Pronunciation: /əˈbreɪʒ(ə)n/    noun    …. The process of scraping or wearing something away …. (Oxford Dictionaries)

Abrasion is an undergraduate exhibition, showing selected recent works from the developing studio practices of Level 4 and 5 Fine Art students (first and second years) at the University of Chichester.  

Curated by Level 5 Coordinator, Senior Lecturer Christopher McHugh, the exhibition aims to highlight the way students scrape by – how they rub along together, wear the corners off each other …. and their own preconceptions.  The process is intense and the stripping back of limitations can feel excoriating at times …. but little by little the reduction leads to an erosion of ignorance and ultimately allows for a new level of experimentation and insight. Nobody here said studying Fine Art was an easy ride but the results of all this deconstructive endeavour can be surprising, fascinating, rewarding.  Students volunteer to assist in the complex process of making an exhibition – beginning to find out how to make something coherent from such a tantalising range of different ideas, media, scales and contexts.

Coastal Connections

19th June - 8 October 

This major summer exhibition will explore artists’ connections to the coastal landscape and how this is reflected in their work. Featured work from the Bishop Otter Collection will include Alfred Wallis’ Boat (c.1930), Christopher Wood’s Tréboul Harbour (c.1930), William Scott’s Harbour (1950-51), John Craxton’s Fisherman and Net (1951), William Alexander Burns’ Small Harbour (c.1967), Richard Eurich’s Solent Angler (1975) and Edith Lawrence’s Docks, (1929).
Work will also be drawn from private and public collections to show how both celebrated and lesser known artists be they resident or visiting the coast were inspired by its cliffs, beaches and harbours.