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Adapted and Priority Accommodation

Priority accommodation

Students with physical disabilities and/or medical conditions may need priority for a particular type of accommodation because of their condition.

For example, you may need priority for ensuite because of a medical condition.

You may require priority for self-catered accommodation because of significant dietary conditions and so on, or you may feel it will be a strain for you to be living off campus because of your condition.

In order to make sure that students with additional medical needs get the right sort of accommodation the Disability and Dyslexia Service is able to request that the Accommodation Office reserve particular types of accommodation for individuals because of their medical condition.

However, we have to do this before you apply for accommodation to ensure that priority is given, and preferably before 1st April.

After that date it is difficult to ensure students get the allocation they need.

  • Look at our Accommodation pages to compare the types of accommodation the University offers.
  • Decide what accommodation will best suit your disability/medical condition.
  • Write to the DDS office (contact details below) detailing whether you need:
  • Ensuite accommodation or shared facilities.
  • Catered or self-catered (note there is no self catered accommodation at the Bognor campus).
  • Accommodation right on campus or if you can manage University Halls near to the campus.
  • Tell us if you have problems with stairs.
  • Tell us if you need a fridge to store medicines.
  • Any other relevant information.

Please note

You will need to distinguish between what is necessary because of your condition, and what is preferable because of your own taste. Please carefully detail factors that you believe are absolutely essential because of your condition.

  • Send the letter with medical evidence to back up your claim (e.g. letter from your GP, consultant or other authority familiar with your case).
  • If you are not able to get the necessary evidence before 31st March you should still contact the Disability office to discuss the matter.
  • If you are holding more than one offer and will not have made a decision before 31st March you should phone the Disability office to discuss the matter.

We would be happy to arrange a viewing of accommodation if it helps you with considering physical access.

You can contact the Disability and Dyslexia Office on 01243 812076, email disabilitydyslexia@chi.ac.uk or write to us at:

Disability Office
Bognor Regis Campus
Upper Bognor Road
Bognor Regis
PO21 1HR

Adapted accommodation

We have rooms available that feature standard adaptations for wheelchair users.

Each room is fitted with a panic alarm and has a either a large wet-room with shower seat or shower cubical area with seat, handrails and an additional panic alarm.

Amberley Hall, Chilgrove Hall and Harting Hall offer the best degree of comfort and convenience to wheelchair users.

These halls comes with wide corridors and lobbies, automatic doors, dual power lifts and swipe-card entrance.

You would share a standard kitchen with three other students, and modifications have been made to the kitchen to suit individual needs.

On the Bishop Otter Campus, Chichester, there are eight adapted rooms suitable for wheelchair users, six ensuite and two with shared bathrooms.

On the Bognor Regis Campus there are two ensuite adapted rooms suitable for wheelchair users.

Further wheelchair accessible bedrooms are available at the new accommodation development at Stockbridge, near Chichester station. This is under two miles from the Bishop Otter Campus and 7 miles from the Bognor Regis Campus.

Accommodation for carers

Accommodation for carers can also be arranged, though students need to be aware that the rental for the carer’s room is charged to the student at the normal rate.

Applicants who require personal care support will need to discuss and arrange this with their home Social Services Department as the University is unable to provide personal care support.


Please note, students living on campus are normally not allowed to park their cars on campus. The only exceptions to this are students who hold a blue disabled parking badge. Special parking permits can be arranged for carers and care agencies supporting students with disabilities on campus.

Contact us

For further information, you can contact the Accommodation Office on 01243 812120 (Bognor Regis) or 01243 816069 (Chichester), or email at accommodation@chi.ac.uk.

Students with disabilities that require particular types of accommodation or adaptations should contact the Disability Service in order to discuss this and arrange to view accommodation; contact disability@chi.ac.uk or tel: 01243 812076.

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