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Lots of courses offer the opportunity to go on placements or relevant work experience. This can be useful to gain knowledge of your chosen field, connect with potential employers and securing a job after graduation.

We have a great Careers and Employability Team who can support and assist you with your job search.

Why should I do work experience or a placement?

  • Placements can hugely increase your career prospects. They can strengthen your CV and help you gain experience in a professional workplace.
  • Some courses offer a paid placement in the third year of study, this is a great way to earn a salary and apply your university learning.
  • It’s also a great way to make contacts in your chosen area after you graduate. You’re able to have a foot in the door and make it easier for yourself when job searching after you graduate.
  • You can develop your existing skills and create new skills that are adaptable to a workplace environment.
  • Visit the Careers and Employability Team at the Careers Centre in Chichester, at the Careers Desk in Bognor, or email to find out more.
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