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Verification of Chichester degree awards

Requests for duplicate certificates

Change of name on degree certificates


Procedures for reference requests

Where a request for reference is received, the Academic Registry will either process these or forward on to the relevant academic department for a response if a more detailed character reference is requested.

Please note that Academic Registry will only comply with a reference request where it is clear that the enquirer has the right to ask for the information, which will typically involve the consent of the former student to disclose their information.

Please note that absence of appropriate consent where relevant could lead to delays in processing reference requests.

All student reference enquiries should be directed to Academic Registry in writing or via the following generic email: StuReferences@chi.ac.uk.

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Requests for duplicate certificates

Information for those who need a replacement degree certificate

To enable us to process a request for a duplicate certificate please visit our online shopselect Academic Registry and then Duplicate Certificate to complete the online form and make payment.

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Change of name on degree certificates

Request to have your name changed on your degree certificate

Qualification and degree certificates are regulated documents but in exceptional circumstances e.g. gender transitioning, witness protection, certificates can be re-issued.

Before new certificates can be issued in a different name, you will need to return your original certificate together with an accompanying letter (with your current address) detailing your request, including the reason, together with, a copy of ID, for example an in-date UK Driver’s Licence or Passport, so that we action accordingly.

All such requests should be directed to Student Records (Academic Registry), via sturecords@chi.ac.uk.

All requests will be treated in strict confidence and only shared internally as necessary to ensure changes are expedited.

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