Postgraduate Research

Undertaking a research degree provides you with an exciting opportunity to determine your own research specialism.  By choosing the University of Chichester, postgraduate students benefit from working with specialists in their respective fields who have national and international reputations.


Students undertaking research degrees normally register for an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) with registration transferred to a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) after appropriate progress has been made.

The University was awarded Research Degree Awarding Powers in September 2014. The Higher Degree Regulations and Code of Practice for the Supervision for Research Candidature and Supervision can be accessed here.

Since 1992 research degrees have been awarded by the University of Southampton by an accreditation agreement that covers the seven research areas listed below.

The university also offers the non-credit bearing Pre-PhD Study Programme which allows students to gain a ‘taste’ of research supervision and to prepare a research proposal that may lead to full MPhil/ PhD registration subsequently.

We welcome potential postgraduate students in all of the subject areas listed below.